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About TechGlued

Every single thing is based on something. Like this TechGlued is based on Technology related stuff. Tech is the short form of Technology and Glued is for something which is pasted. So

TechGlued is based on the Tech news pasted on this white background for you. Ever other blogs/ website provide you with the latest news about any new thing in the market, we won’t be providing you with all those latest news but we will be updating you about that news in a different way that you will come back every day for some hot news.

TechGlued aims to be Glued to the Tech news from all the Tech companies out there. TechGlued will try to stay Glued with Apple, Microsoft, Google, RIM (Research in Motion), Sony and all the other big names present out there in the Silicon Valley located in California, U.S.A.

TechGlued Team hopes to make their users Glued to their website every time and wishes that they have a good time reading the updates on the daily life techs.

Meet The Team of TechGlued: