How to Enable Personal Hotspot on iOS 8 – iPhone Tutorial

After the update of iOS 8.x.x, Personal Hotspot on iOS 8 has gone missing and many users have complained about it. The main reason behind the missing feature of Personal Hotspot is to blame Apple for putting on serious Restrictions on Personal Hotspot Feature in iPhone’s since the iOS 8.1.x Latest updates. We don’t know the main reason behind putting the restrictions on Personal Hotspot by Apple in iOS 8.1.x, but all we know is that Carriers might have played an important role in insisting Apple to put on some restrictions. Therefore, they can charge users an Extra buck to enable it or allow them to use Personal Hotspot on their iPhone’s.


Definitely, your carrier will charge you an extra buck for enabling personal hotspot on iOS 8.1.X. Anyhow, we have finally cracked the code for enabling personal hotspot on iOS 8.1.X on iPhone and iPad’s.

How To Enable Personal HotSpot on iOS 8 .1.X on iPhone/iPad:

Step 1:

Go to Settings> Cellular Data> APN settings

Step 2:

Find this line Personal Hotspot (APN)

Step 3:

Once you have founded the above line mentioned in Step 2, Enter this code in it


That’s All. You just need to enter in the above-mentioned code. Once you have entered in the above-mentioned code, now go back and you will have the option of Personal Hotspot on iOS 8.

How to enable Personal Hotspot in iOS 8 – Video

You can see the video guide attached above to enable personal hotspot on iOS 8.

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