iOS 9 Jailbreak in Works – Download Soon

iOS 9 Jailbreak Download Soon

Apple recently released iOS 9 GM build for developers and public beta testers with the final release scheduled for September 16, 2015. While we are only few days away from the final release of iOS 9 for Public, a well-known iOS Hacker called ih8sn0w teased iOS 9 Jailbreak on his iPhone 5 running iOS 9GM build. The Gold Master build of any iOS is equivalent to the final version of the iOS for Public. The only difference is of availability between both of them. The GM build is seeded for developers to clear it for take off for public.

However, it is amazing to see that some one from the Jailbreaking Community has made some efforts to find exploits for iOS 9 Jailbreak. These days, it’s very rare to see people finding exploits for iOS, especially the old teams like Dev-Team and ih8sn0w. As of now we have two new names in the Jailbreak World namely Pangu and Taig.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Demo:

We know that Pangu and Taig maybe working on the iOS 9 Jailbreak because Taig Released iOS 8.4 Jailbreak and Pangu demoed iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak with intentions to release it until iOS 9 is out or maybe they will not release it even after iOS 9 is out because they need to test the exploits on iOS 9 and iOS 9.1.

Moving forward towards the demo of iOS 9 Jailbreak, which was demoed by ih8sn0w on his official YouTube channel.


iOS 9 Jailbreak Release Date:

After seeing the video we can clearly see that the Jailbreak for iOS 9 isn’t 100% completed yet, as ih8sn0w him self stated that the jailbreak is fun but tricky and he has no plans on releasing the Jailbreak for iOS 9 anytime sooner or later. The main reason behind not releasing the Jailbreak for iOS 9 is unknown. However ih8sn0w will share the data with other developers who are ready to make the Jailbreak work, as it requires some more work to be done on it to be 100% completed.

In near future, we can iOS 9 Jailbreak coming from Pangu or Taig or there is a possibility that both the teams don’t release the Jailbreak until iOS 9.1 isn’t out.

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