Best iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

Such Cydia tweaks are loved by everybody and are a must have in jailbroken iOS devices. So if you are looking to get the best Cydia tweaks for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then our list of the best 9 Cydia tweaks will surely be very useful to you.

1. Activator

activator_ios_9 (1)

This is perhaps the best and the most popular jailbreak tweak ever, and we wonder if any jailbroken iOS device will be able to make do without this tweak. Activator is an amazing tweak which allows you to create practically unlimited combinations of gestures/shortcuts for activating your favorite app/feature in your jailbroken device. Also, numerous other jailbreak tweaks mentioned Activator as a pre-requisite, which proves the importance of this must-have tweak.

2. CallBar

CallBar-ios_8 (1)

Almost all of us have been disturbed by unwanted calls at some point of our lives, and it is really annoying when you receive a call on your iPhone while you are in the middle of an important chat or any other important task. Enter CallBar. This amazing tweak displays incoming call notifications in a separate small banner and thus you can continue doing your important task without being interrupted by the full incoming call screen. You can chose to accept, reject, or silence the call along with many other options.

3. Docker


Isn’t it unfair that Apple gave us only 4 icons in the iOS dock? Also, don’t you think that the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus could do with more icons in the dock? In case you want to have more icons of your favorite apps inside the stock iOS dock, the Docker tweak can do that for you. It simply adds four extra icons to the dock, which is very useful indeed.

4. TypeStatus 2


TypeStatus 2 is the successor of the highly successful TypeStatus tweak. This tweak is very useful in case you do a lot of messaging on your iOS device. TypeStatus simply adds a typing indicator on the status bar, so that it becomes easier to know who is online and replying to your message. This feature is valuable in case you are in the habit of chatting with more than one people at a time.

5. BetterShutDown


There are many instances when you need to reboot your iOS device. However, there is no default reboot option in stock iOS and when your press the Lock/Power button, you get a Slide to Power Off option. You then have to wait for the device to switch off, after which you need to press the Power button again to switch it on. This is a very lengthy process. The BetterShutDown tweak adds a menu to the stock iOS which is shown when you press down the Power button. This menu includes Power Off, Reboot, Respring, and Safe Mode options, thus making it easier to restart the device as you want.

6. PowerColor

powercolor cydia ios 9 app

The battery indicator in stock iOS is just plain white, which makes it hard to know the status of the battery and when it is going low or empty. Thanks to the PowerColor tweak, it allows users to customize the color of the battery indicator. You can now choose a custom color for indicating a full charge, full empty, or low battery status.

7. MusicTransport


Stock iOS does not allow you to play music during a call. But with the MusicTransport tweak, you can play your favorite music during calls which makes it easier to listen music with your loved ones together. Also, you can play any type of background sound, like the noise of a busy street or any other such sound, which gives a false impression of your environment to the person on the other side.

8. TranslateMe

TranslateMe-tweak (1)-side

If you are in the habit of surfing a lot of websites on your iOS device which are written in a different language than yours, then it can get very difficult and lengthy for you to translate the text. The TranslateMe tweak provides an excellent translating feature. When you install the tweak, you just have to select any text that you want to translate and after selecting the text, a Translate option will appear then and there itself, which will translate the text in the language you want.

9. FutureLock

futurelock cydia

The stock iOS Lock screen is very plain and minimalistic, which is a good thing. But it surely feels a bit outdated due to the lack of widgets. The FutureLock tweak helps you add widgets for weather, calendar, and pending notifications. This allows you to jump directly to the notification that you want.

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