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Watch E3 2013 PlayStation LiveCast – Sony PS4 Unveiling

Apple has played its move at WWDC 13 and unveiled great things out there. Apple didn’t only announced iOS 7, but Apple took its machinery to a completely new level by announcing MAC Pro and MAC Book Air refreshments for 2013. Most of the public is still busy in downloading iOS 7 Beta 1 version, where as different developers are busy in mining the new iOS version at WWDC 13, and remaining world is sleeping or chilling out.

Out of these all, there is a gang called Hardcore Gamers, that is anxiously waiting for E3 2013 PlayStation LiveCast to go live because they cannot wait to see the unveiling of Sony PlayStation 4 that is today in few minutes.

Watch E3 2013 PlayStation LiveCast – Sony PS4 Unveiling:

Streaming live video by Ustream

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