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All Eyes on The Galaxy S4 in Zurich – Best Giveaway by Samsung

The Korean company in Zurich came with a brilliant marketing idea to promote their newly released Galaxy S4 Flagship. Samsung in Zurich placed a screen at Zurich Main Station under the name of Galaxy S4 Stare Down Test. In this test, a person crossing by or interested in getting the Galaxy S4 would need to stare for 60 minutes to get free Samsung Galaxy S4 from Samsung representatives present at the Main Zurich Station.

The test wasn’t easy as an ABC because nothing can be given away without going through hurdles. Every one trying the test failed, but a lucky guy passed the test. In order to see how did he passed the test, you need to see the video below:

All Eyes on the Galaxy S4 Video:

The tactics used by Samsung is out-of-the-way. It is mind-blowing. We can say that Samsung has taken Giveaways to a whole new level.

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