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Apple Approves Activator After Display Recorder and Cydia in iTunes

Since the iOS 6 beta 1 debuted for Developers after WWDC 12, Apple is challenging the Jailbreaking Community openly. They have started to Approve some well known and most used Cydia Tweaks in their iTunes Store. This is something really strange. The Application approval team at Apple crossed their limit and approved Cydia App in the App Store that is the Copyright name by @Saurik. The same Cydia for which we wait for ages to come to our iDevice is now publicly available with the same name at the App Store with the same image of it. Though the function of that Cydia is not to Jailbreak your iDevice or allows you to have Tweaks after installing that App.

The Cydia App simply copies the name of the most famous .DEB file from the Jailbreaking community and what it allows is a Snake Game. Can you imagine? The same Snake Game that we used to or we play on our Phone’s. The description of the game used to state that the game character consists of a Caterpillar named Cydia. The job was to collect the Apples with that caterpillar character. The amazing thing about that Cydia App was that it was available at the cost of 0.99$ in the iTunes store.

Now lets talk about the second Tweak that debuted in the App Store. The name of the Tweak converted into App is called Display Recorder. This is the Tweak that was released in Cydia by Ryan Petrick the Cydia App Developer.

This was another App that copied the same idea of the Cydia Tweak and the BUGUN Software Co. made an App out of it performing the same functions that the Cydia Tweak does. The App was approved in the App Store recently. The App is now available for sale at 1.99$.

The best thing is that the release of these two Apps over the App Store wasn’t enough. Few days back another Cydia tweak rolled into the App Store with the same name and fake functions called Activator. This Cydia Tweak is free under the repo of BigBoss, where as the same name App costs 0.99$ in the App Store with fake description. The description of the App vows to deliver the same function as of the Cydia Tweak, though it is only a wallpaper maker.


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This is really epic. The Developers are stealing the name of Cydia Tweaks to make the Apps and increase their sale and they are failing to deliver the same quality functions that the original Cydia Tweak is offering. The best thing is that Apple is approving these fake Apps in the App Store easily. Apple has already started to copy Cydia Tweaks into their iOS versions and now they want to do a battle with the Cydia Tweak developers. It is still unclear that what is Apple up to. Why they are approving already released Cydia Tweaks in the face of Apps in their App Store.

There is a great saying by some one,

“If you cannot beat them, so join them.”

I would like to dedicate this Quote to Apple.

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