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Apple Might Make iOS Open Source for Third Party Developers – Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the current C.E.O of Apple Inc. is planning to make iOS open source for third party developers. This means the end of Jailbreak is near?

The battle of cat and mouse might come to an end after iOS 7 is released. Tim Cook at D11 conference talked about making iOS open source for third party developers, so they can get more features and advancements in their iOS. After hearing this statement of making iOS open source, we remembered about the petition that was signed by tons of people on Twitter to open up iOS for third party access of developers. The demand to open up iOS was started from the well-known iOS Hacker and security researcher called Pod2g.

Pod2g on Twitter argued that Apple should consider opening up iOS for third party developer’s access to allow them more freedom on making tweaks, themes, and all the things that are done after Jailbreak. In order to raise this information higher, a petition was made on Twitter under the hash tag of #WeWantAnOpeniOS. Amazingly, the Hash tag was trending on Twitter for days and 11,400+ people signed the petition of #WeWantAnOpeniOS.


Somehow, the voice of #WeWantAnOpeniOS reached the ears of Tim Cook and made him take an action against this petition of #WeWantAnOpeniOS. Therefore, on D11 interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Tim Cook announced that the tech giant company will be making iOS Open Source for more developers that is third party access would be granted.

Transcript via TheVerge:

Walt: Let’s talk about control. There’s a lot of talk about open versus closed. Facebook did Facebook Home, which hasn’t done very well. Eric Schmidt said it’s great, it’s fine. I understand that they came and talked to you about it, and Apple wouldn’t let anyone take over the lock screen. Your keyboard and your recognition, predictive typing and all that stuff, hasn’t kept pace with Android. They allow other people to make that technology; third parties can give you a choice. Have you given any thought to a little bit less control?

Cook: Yeah, of course. On the general topic of opening up APIs, I think you’ll see us open up more in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience. So there’s always a fine line to walk there, or maybe not so fine. We think the customer pays us to make choices on their behalf. I’ve seen some of these settings screens, and I don’t think that’s what customers want. Do some want it? Yes. But you’ll see us open up more.

Walt: So there’ll be some features you’ll let third parties do? 

Cook: Yes.


If the sayings of Tim Cook are true, then we will be seeing an open source iOS in near future. We are expecting iOS 7 to be open sourced prior to official launch. Making iOS Open Source will allow third party developers to make Tweaks or do some changes in the default iOS version that was closed for ages and was limited to certain features. This will be the first time in history that Apple would be making its iOS an Open Source to allow third party developers access.

By doing this, Apple can grab the attention of all the Jailbreak developers and allow them to work on the native iOS version rather than working on Cydia Store.

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