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Ashton Kutcher’s Film, ‘Jobs’ Trailer Goes Live – Trailer

The final version of the Film ‘Jobs’ would be releasing on August 16, 2013 that is this fall. The film in which Ashton Kutcher is playing the role of Steve Jobs (Late) portraying Jobs early life and how did he succeeded in his life. The film ‘Jobs’ is inspired by true events that happened in Steve Jobs (Late) life.

The official release date of the film ‘Jobs’ was planned for April 2013 release, but unfortunately the official release date of ‘Jobs’ slipped from April to August 16, 2013 that is this Fall.

The official release date of ‘Jobs’ is only a month and few days away, where as the official teaser trailer of the film has been released for the public prior to official release.

‘Jobs’ Official Trailer:

The trailer of the film ‘Jobs’ simply gives a hint of how the movie would be by portraying the college life of Jobs (late) and the life he lived after making Apple. The movie portrays two main characters that are Wozniak and Jobs, who became friends in college and afterwards became partners by fixing computers in the garage.

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