How to install iOS 7 Beta Without UDID or Developers Account

Whenever there is a release of any iOS Beta, every one wants to have it on their device prior to official release by Apple. Last year, every one wanted to update their iDeivces to iOS 6 because it brought 200 new features at WWDC 12. However, this year after the showcase of iOS 7 at WWDC 13, almost every one want to jump to this new iOS version because it has brought a major overhaul as compared to iOS 6 and iOS 5. Apple in iOS 7 has compiled almost every major and hit Cydia Tweak to make it look good and completely different.

Therefore, every one is willing to update to iOS 7 on their iDevices. Most amazingly, people are willing to lose the Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7 Beta 1. This is just mind-blowing because there is now way a person can come back to iOS 6.1.2 after updating to iOS 7 Beta 1 or any iOS 7 Beta versions in future because the window of SHSH Blobs has been closed. Everything would start from scratch after iOS 7 official release and iOS 7 Jailbreak.


If you are willing to install iOS 7 Beta 1 on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, think twice before you proceed on with the steps because there is no way coming back to old iOS 6.1.2 that is Jailbreakable. Once you have installed iOS 7 Beta 1, you wont be able to get back to iOS 6.1.2, indeed, you will be back on iOS 6.1.3/iOS 6.1.4 that has no Jailbreak.

How to install iOS 7 Beta Without UDID Registration or Developers Account

Step 1:

First of all you need to

Download iOS 7 Beta 1 from here.

Download iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 from here.

People depending on Unlock should stay away.

Step 2:

Once you have downloaded the above-mentioned files, make a backup of your iPhone/iPad/iPod prior installing iOS 7 Beta version.

Step 3:

After you have made the backup, install iOS 6.1.4/iOS 6.1.4 fresh copy on your iDevices and make it ready for iOS 7 Beta upgrade process.

Step 4:

When you are done with fresh installation of iOS 6.x.x process, prepare your self for the update process.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Connect your iPhone
  3. See for update/restore section
  4. Go to Update (Press Shift+Update (Windows) (Alt+Update (MAC))

After you have pressed update, it will ask you to browse for the IPSW. This time you need to browse for the iOS 7 Beta 1 IPSW that you downloaded earlier. That’s it. Now sit back and enjoy the installation of iOS 7 Beta 1 on your iDevice.

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