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The name “iPhone 5” is now Official, Confirmed by Apple Search Engines

We are only three hours away from the unveiling of the new iPhone and we were predicting the name of the upcoming iPhone 5 before it was this close to the launch. Some people stated the name would be “The New iPhone 5” and some stated the name would be “iPhone 5”. There were some confusions going around with the name of the iPhone. However, today before the official launch, Apple’s search Engines made the guessing easier for us. They even confirmed the official name of the upcoming iPhone in next few hours.

The name leaked by Apple’s Search Engines is the “iPhone 5”.


The above shown results are not self-generated or photos hoped, it comes from the official website of When you go to and type in iPhone-5, the search engines navigate you to the above shown links that are inactive now. The links shown by in the result cannot be accessed for the time being. We are sure they will be available to access after the Media Event or during the Media Event. You can head over to this page and see the results your self.

Just hours before the event, it is now official that the iPhone 5 name would be “iPhone 5” and not The New iPhone. Now, we have to see if the design of the iPhone 5 is the same as we have seen in the leaks or different from the leaked versions of the iPhone 5. Moreover, many new things are also coming along side the iPhone 5 on today Media Event.

You can head over to our live stream of Apple’s Media Event and see the Media Event live on your screens.

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