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Top 5 Features of iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5c was announced on 10th September. It is one of the 2 latest entries in the Apple family. That is right, 2 entries; that is because this year apple unveiled 2 different iPhones, one that was designed for the premium markets (iPhone 5s) and the other for the slightly cheaper markets (iPhone 5c). Many people believe that since 5s is a cheaper model, the features will be limited, however on the contraire, the features for this price is quite reasonable. Here are the top 5 features that the iPhone 5c has.

1.     It’s virtually identical to the iPhone 5

Virtually identical

That is right, aside from the few additions; the iPhone 5c is basically a reboot of the iPhone 5. It has the same 1 gb RAM, same cortex A6 32-bit processor, similar 8 MP back camera with 1080p recording and 1.2 MP front Camera with 720p recording (Although the iSight cameras are reportedly better). This is a good thing simply because people will now be able to afford the features that at one time only premium payers could afford.

2.     Much, much more color

Much better design

A past complain of many people was that all of the iPhones were only available in 2 colors, black and white. While the iPhone 5s is still only available in 2 colors, Gold and Silver, let it happily be known that the iPhone 5c is available in 5 refreshing colors, the simple white, the pinkish-red, the banana yellow, the sky blue and the lime green. These candy colors will instantly make these phones more popular to the non-iPhone users, especially teenagers.

3.     Better LTE Coverage

LTE coverage

The iPhone 5c has much better LTE coverage that has expanded to become global. This iPhone is also the only phone in the world that contains 13 LTE bands which means the phone supports every region around the world. This is a big improvement for people living in Europe and Asia and an obvious stability boost to the iPhone line up. You can go anywhere you would like and if you have a LTE subscription, you can experience blazing download speeds practically all around the world.

4.     Huge Battery Life

Battery life

This update will surely please all iPhone users everywhere around the world. One of the drawbacks of an iPhone was that it had little battery life. But that will all change with the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c has a bigger, 1507 mAh battery and the Cortex a6 chip has been optimized to conserve battery. What this means is, you will get more than a full day’s worth of use on a single charge. Apple itself has commented that the iPhone 5c will have up to 10 hours of LTE Use, 10 hours of talk time or 10 hours of video playback.

5.     iOS 7


Although the older phones will also be receiving the iOS 7 update, it was specifically designed for the newer iPhones and hence, works better with them. Not only is the interface completely revamped from the ground up, but the iPhone 5c is much smoother than any previous model and can multitask without a problem. The new camera app, iSight, also helps take much more crisp photographs and have built-in vintages for added customization.

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