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Android 4.3 vs iOS7 – Head to Head

With Android 4.3, having been released for a few months now and the iOS7 on the verge of mass release, one cannot help but wonder, which of these operating software is the better? We know that both are the latest and that both of them bring new features to the table, but it is time to find out which of them is the better.



Although the iOS design was heavily modified for iOS7, many of the design features have already been implemented in android for quite some time. That’s not to say iOS hasn’t improved. It has more vibrant and fresh feel since the color palette is more clear and vivid with the glossy and bright effects. There is also quite a lot of transparency while scrolling the screens in between the apps.

The control center is a newly added feature that allows it to compete with the Android’s notification center. While this may be new for iDevice users, Android users laugh at how long it took them to catch up to this.



One cannot help but admit iOS7 did borrow heavily from the tried and tested android formula. Both will inform you about a missed call, message, or email.

Both will remind you of an upcoming an appointment, or that someone just shared an item with you. Aside from their aesthetic appearance, their main difference is that Apple’s iOS 7-notification center has tabs that organize your info into three different categories (today, all, and missed).

While Android organizes them without tabs, but includes quick settings like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and airplane mode available in the same area. Apple too has quick settings in iOS 7, but in a different location called Control Center.



The new iOS7 has once again imitated the preview multi task look that android has been sporting way back since Android version 4.0. The iOS7 imitates the multitasking on Android, but to a lesser extent. It has a different oriented multitasking screen appearance compared to the android software with the appearance of the app thumbnails instead of icons on the home screen.

With android, you have to swipe horizontally while with iOS7 you have to swipe vertically. Aside from that, there is no aesthetic difference.

NFC vs. AirDrop

NFC vs AirDrop

The latest feature of iOS 7 is AirDrop that allows two iOS 7 devices to create a direct connection, which allows the devices to share media or documents. The transfer of data between AirDrop users is encrypted.

However, there is no NFC connection feature in iOS7. Android based phones have an NFC option that allows them share their media and documents by simply touching the NFC enables smartphones. AirDrop is based on Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connection and cannot be paired up via touching.

Apple’s iOS 7 is intended to refresh the look and feel of an aging operating system, while Google had a different goal. The goal of Google was to earn Android some respect as a sophisticated, modern operating system capable of taking on iOS. While iOS has seen much improvement, it cannot be ignored that Android has had these features for quite some time and has further polished them, making Android 4.3 the victor.

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