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Apple Ninja’s Expert Guide For Buying iPhone/iPad/iPod Before And After

In this advanced era of technological revolution, where we get a new model/series of a Phone after a quarter/month/ year, it is quite hard to select a handset of your choice. It goes with Apple in a way that, if you are planning to grab an iPhone from Apple, you just go to the Store/Shop, grab an iPhone, and then walk out of the store happily. When you start to using the iPhone, you find that there is nothing much you can do other than calling, messaging downloading apps/games/music from iTunes, play with voice control (SIRI), and just lock/unlock the iPhone by sleep button on top.

Then you realize that you have wasted your money. You could have bought some other smart phone at a lower cost than an iPhone. If the person has some skills, he will open up to see what he can do with his iPhone. After going through all the stuff on, he will simply close the browser, will have some headache pills and go off to sleep.

Like I told you before that to buy an iPhone is a piece of cake. But to know about what you should know or need to know after you have bought an iPhone is not easy. This doesn’t means that the iPhone is a complicated Phone. It is Apple that has limited the boundaries of the iPhone and its users.

Expert Guide For Buying iPhone-iPad-iPod


Now, being an Apple Geek, Expert, Enthusiastic, Helper, and Blogger; people sometime come and ask me about this iPhone things that we are going to buy an iPhone, can you please guide us a little about this iPhone-like what should we look into it, what iPhone should we buy, what is jailbreak, what is unlock, and things like that. So I thought to come up with detailed information on these things and a normal/new user going to buy an iPhone should keep in his/her mind before making the purchase.

So what are you waiting for?

October 7, 2012:

We have updated the Book with iPhone 5 Details. You can download the updated version of the book from here.

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