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Apple Paying $15 To iPhone 4 Users, Guess Why ?

Actually its kinda lol story but yes it has occurred. Apple has started to pay $15 to each iPhone 4 user and the reason is the antenna gate, the big issue of old days. Ira Rothken tweeted about the payment by Apple

The iPhone 4 Antenna Class Action Settlement website is up if you want to make a claim or get info please visit

The iPhone 4’s leading issue of antenna gate got many fixed and stuffs, it was also confirmed that a less percentage of people are facing the call reception problem. The Cupertino company claimed that its due of holding the iPhone in a wrong way which leads to call drop. After the lawsuit ending, Apple will have to pay $15 or a bumper if you haven’t received one before, the website which is in the above tweet contains a form where you have to place your iPhone 4’s identity to get the case solved, the entries are to be taken till 28th of August.

After the releasing of the fifth generation iPhone, the lawsuit came to an end, will anyone even go for this or not a big question though ? And this offer is only for the US iPhone 4 users, respectively.


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