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Apple Aired Four New iPhone 5 TV Ads Starring T.P.C.E

As the iPhone 5 makes a debut in several countries around the globe, today Apple started to air four new T.V ads for the iPhone 5. The all-new four T.V ads codenamed by us are T.P.C.E. these short forms of the long named T.V adverts might look a bit strange. These four symbols are carrying the first letter of all the four adverts. The names of the different four adverts are as follows.

  1. Thumbs

  2. Physics

  3. Cheese

  4. Ears

Above are the four T.V adverts that Apple aired today for the new iPhone 5. When we combine these four new T.V adverts, they make the name of T.P.C.E that sounds something related to rocket science. However, there is no rocket science involved in the letters and even in T.V Adverts.

Lets start with the first letter “T” that represents “Thumb”.

iPhone 5 TV Ad – Thumb

Then comes the number of “P”

iPhone 5 TV Ad – Physics

Then comes the number of “C”

iPhone 5 TV Ad – Cheese

And finally, comes the number of “E”

iPhone 5 TV Ad – Ears

In the first Ad of Thumb, Apple clearly explains the efficient of Thumb with an iPhone 5. Then in the second Ad, Apple compares the iPhone 5 with the law of Physics. In the third Ad of Cheese, Apple shows off with the Panorama feature that they introduced in iOS 6. In the end, Apple showed off the innovation that they made to headphones with a complete new design.

After seeing all the four iPhone 5 T.V adverts, don’t forget to tell us about the one you liked the most.

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