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Best Buy Getting Ready for the iPhone 5 Ahead of Apple Media Event

The mimics about the iPhone 5 are going to end in just few hours. After few hours, every one will be attached to their computer screens to see the unveiling of the most leaked iPhone in history. The iPhone will be called the future of iPhone Flagship by naming it the iPhone 5. As we are a day away from the iPhone 5 unveiling, reports are enclosing by that the major dealers have already started to get ready for the iPhone 5 ahead of the Media Event. The leading chain for the iPhone 5 is Best Buy for the time being who started to get ready for the iPhone 5.


As you can see in the above picture shared by iMore showing a parcel of Best Buy on which it is clearly stating the dates from September 18 to October 27,2012 for the Mobile Section. The parcel shown is believed to be some in-store-place-holder for the Phone section provided to Best Buy ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. This might mean that the iPhone 5 would arrive at Best Buy sometime between the above-mentioned dates. However, the above-mentioned dates are including the September 21 rumored launch date of the iPhone 5.

This means, Best Buy would be getting the iPhone 5 on display from September 18 to October 27, 2012 or Best Buy would be getting an iPhone 5 within the dates shown above.

Everything will be unveiled with the passage of time. so far, the iPhone 5 is going to unveil in some hours.

At this crucial moment, just hours away from the iPhone 5 unveiling, Best Buy only got in-store displays for the iPhone 5, where as Vodafone Germany has planned to start the sales of iPhone 5 Nano SIM as soon as the iPhone 5 is announced.

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