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Brace Your Selves for a “Surge Volume” Event on September 21-24, FedEx

The height of excitement for the iPhone is rising day by day. Not only the fans of Apple are included in the list, all carriers around the world are also included in the list. The fans are desperately waiting for the iPhone 5, where as carriers have started to stock in Nano SIM Cards for the iPhone 5. Until now no confirmation has been done on the Nano SIM Card Technology coming to the iPhone 5, everything is being done on the preceding leaks and rumors. All the companies making products on rumored and leaked parts are playing a blind game of poker for the time being.

However, today a global logistics company also joined the height of excitement. The company got so excited that it sent out a letter to its employees to brace themselves for an upcoming “Surge Volume” event from September 21-24. The company is called FedEx. FedEx issued issues a note to its employees to brace themselves for these three days because of something huge is going to be done. Amazingly, the dates of September 21 accords to iPhone 5 rumored launch date for particular countries.

The note attained by Macrumors states:


As noted on the above note, FedEx has limited the traveling of their employees and have cancelled the holidays of the Employees on the above-mentioned dates starting from September 21-24. FedEx wants every single employee to be available on the spot for huge shipments of the upcoming iPhone 5 in U.S.A and in some other countries. In general, Apple uses FedEx at large for its major shipment of different products. If the orders are over loaded, Apple sometime uses U.P.S to deliver the products. Therefore, the main logistics partner of Apple is FedEx and the second one is U.P.S.


We are only few days away from the official iPhone 5 announcement. Apple has played its move by inviting selected media personals to come and join the upcoming iPhone event on September 4.

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