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The Secrecy Behind iconic “5” in iPhone 5 Media Event Invite Revealed

The iPhone 5 launch is around the corner and Apple has already invited selected media members to attend the upcoming iPhone 5 Media Event by sending them Media Invites on Tuesday. When the iPhone 5 Media Invite surfaced the Internet, we saw the date of September 12 with an iconic “5” as the shadow in the invite. That iconic “5” was not rolled out to waste time or to simply tell that the iPhone 5 is on the horizon. We all know about the iPhone 5 is coming on September 12 for sure. Even if Apple didn’t posted that “5” on the invite, we would still know about the iPhone 5 is next.

As Apple has posted about the iconic and mysterious “5” in their iPhone 5 Media Invite, this means there is something hidden in that iconic “5”. Apple is not going to release one thing on the upcoming Media event. This means, Apple is not going to release the same rumored iPhone 5 only; they would be releasing something amazing along side with the iPhone 5. If we recall the last years Media Invite in which Apple clearly stated, “Lets Talk iPhone” and Apple only released the iPhone 4S wit iOS 5. Nothing more was announced other than the iPhone 4S and iOS 5. At that time, the iPhone 5 was highly expected.


Unfortunately, Apple had no plans for the iPhone 5 at that time. This time Apple is for sure going to announce the iPhone 5 along with five more new things. Those five more new things are now unveiled by TechGlued (based on assumptions and rumors).

What are the five things?


1. The iPhone 5

The first thing that Apple will be announcing will be iPhone 5. We are 100% sure about the iPhone 5 announcement to made on the iPhone 5 Media event.

2. New Color series of iPod’s

The iPod’s are the second thing that would be announced on the upcoming Media Event. It is highly expected that Apple will be announcing new iPod line-ups with many different new color varieties. Many legit sources have pointed out towards the iPod’s refreshment coming this Wednesday.

The color hint also comes from the colorful banner uploaded on Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts where the Media Event is going to take place.

3. iMac Refreshments

The iMac refreshments are also expected, but we are a bit skeptical about the announcement of iMacs on the same media event.

According to us, iMac would be announced later in the second Media Event.

4. iOS 6 GM

Apple will be releasing a GM build of iOS 6 for developers the same day as they did with iOS 5 last year. Apple released iOS 5 GM build on the Media Event and the final release was made few days after the GM release.

We are sure about the iOS 6 GM Build to arrive on the Media Event.

5. Larger iPod Touch:

The rumors are also pointing out towards a 4-inch iPod Touch, but we don’t really see that incoming. We hope that Apple might announce a 4-inch iPod Touch because it has been more than two years since iPod Touch got an update.

Therefore, expect an iPod Touch update as well.

Above are the five things that can be predicted in the upcoming iPhone 5 Media Event. However, we are not done with the speculations.

Thanks to Absar Malik for the guess works on iPod Touch.

We got one more thing left to tell about.

6. Increment in the size of iPhone 5 capacity (128GB)

This might sound a bit weird that the iPhone would get a 128GB capacity version. To us, this sounds a bit legit because last year Apple announced 64GB in iPhone 4S that was a great breakthrough in the capacity of the iPhone. This year, we expect the iPhone 5 to carry 128GB of capacity. Moreover, the iPhone 5 would be carrying a larger design; therefore, we highly expect this increment.

Thanks to Osama Akhtar for the 128GB prediction and explanation.

The last but not least,

7. iPhone 4S 8GB Announcement

The iPhone 4S 8GB version is semi-confirmed from our side because Apple has limited the stock of iPhone 3GS and will be kicking out iPhone 3GS after the iPhone 5 is released. Recently Apple issued a statement to its Genius Bar Employees to halt the iPhone 3GS sales and limit the repairs. The iPhone 3GS is also going out of stock.

Therefore, we expect an iPhone 4S 8GB version will replace the iPhone 3GS on the upcoming iPhone 5 Media event.

We have made out seven predictions, out of which we expect three or four will be true including the iPhone 5 one or more than our expected numbers might be true. So far, it is very early to say anything about the releases to made on the iPhone 5 Media Event.

Still the assumptions that we made are skeptical because Apple had written, “It’s almost here” on the Media Invite. This could mean any single thing like the iPhone 5 only. However, we think that the iconic “5” is for five new things because Apple loves to hide its product launches in its Media Invites.

We demonstrated our guesswork. What do you got on your mind? Feel free to share.

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