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Various Colors Coming to iPod Flagships on September 12 Media Event

Ahead of the iPhone 5 launch on September 12 Media Event, it is expected that Apple might announce a new line-up of the iPod Flagships. The iPod Flagships might get a new make up from old five colors to new eight colors. The new color scheme is unknown for the time being because no such speculations have been rendered regarding the iPod Flagships. All we came across was the iPhone 5 news. However, in the preceding month, we did reported about a leaked iPod Touch Fifth Generation case from GizChina. The case that was leaked showed a possibility of L.E.D Flashlight, same 4-inch display as of iPhone 5, and a slimmer design than the previous version of the iPod Touch 4G.

Soon after the iPod Touch Fifth Generation news, we came across another news stating that the iPod Nano will be getting Cloud iTunes and Wi-Fi support. Now the reports regarding the iPod Flagships have changed with the direction of wind pointing out towards something else and new would be arriving on September 12 Media Event. The reports are claiming that the previous version of iPod Touch would be prices low and some new colors might be introduced in the iPod Touch Flagship series. This means, Apple would be introducing redesigned iPod Nano’s, fine-tuned iPod Shuffles, and new colors of iPod Touches.

The report of new line-up and colors comes from 9to5mac’s, Mark Gurman who got more information on the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and the iPod Touch rumors.

The iPod Shuffle News:

We’re also told that the changes to this new iPod shuffle will not be major changes. We’re also told that the new iPod shuffle will come in eight colors.

According to the sources of 9to5mac, they have learned about the new iPod Shuffle that it will be priced the same $49, no major changes would be made to the iPod Shuffle lineups, and the iPod Shuffle will get eight news colors with the previous five existing colors.

The iPod Nano News:

The new iPod Nano member is expected to join the family on September 12 Media Event. The upcoming iPod Nano will carry a new design with changed internal specifications. This new iPod Nano is believed to carry a screen with larger display and Wi-Fi Capability in it. A new iPod Nano would come in eight colors same as of the iPod Shuffle colors.

The iPod Touch News:


This year it seems that Apple is planning to redesign the old fourth generation iPod Touch models by changing the outer shape of its iPod Touch. The changes might of the new pin-dock connector, increment in storage, and iOS 6 pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

We’re also told that these new $299 and $399 iPod models (which we assume are new iPod touches) will come in multiple variations. Perhaps, for the first time, the new iPod touches will come in various colors, but that’s just what we’re inferring, not confirming.

As speculated by Gurman, the iPod Touches might also come in new color varieties. This would be the first time in history of Apple to introduce new color scheme in the iPod Touch series. We believe this will be a great breakthrough for Apple to introduce new color lineups in the iPod Flagships.

Before the September 12 Media Event starts, we predict about the iPod’s to get colored is somewhat true. Because the way Apple has decorated the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts with many beautiful color stripes, it assures that new colors are coming on the Media event. The colors might be included in the banner of Apple’s Media Event at Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts. You can check out the colorful banner from here.

Before you go out to check the Banner of Apple at Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, did you notice the awesome color scheme of iPod Nano’s posted above? If yes, then what color did you liked the most?

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