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Assumed iPod Touch 5 Seeped Case Themes LED Flash with New Design

The rumors regarding iPod Touch 5 surfaced back in May with the alleged seeped camera parts of the iPhone 5. After that one glance of iPod Touch 5 case, we never came across any new news or rumors regarding it. After two months, when the Media Event is around the corner, we got some alleged leaked iPod Touch 5 cases from GizChina. GizChina has posted some photos of the iPod Touch 5 case that points out towards a complete new design with addition of LED Flash in the upcoming iPod Touch 5. The rear end amplified space of the camera clearly shows a possibility of LED Flash light that was missing from the category of iPod Touch until now.

It is believed that the iPod Touch 5 would be having the same LED Flash Light as of the iPhone 4/4S. The iPod Touch 4 has MIC on the same place where the LED Flash Light is expected to arrive on the iPod Touch 5.

A part from the LED Flash Light hole on the top left; there is an unidentified hole present at the bottom of the iPod Touch 5 alleged leaked case.

As you can see from the photos these cases suggest that the next generation iPod touch will have a new design (at least to the rear) and seem to be have a much less pronounced taper to the edges when compared to the current iPod touch 4.


The cases could also give away possible details as to the spec of the 5th generation iPod touch 5. The hole around the camera area to the left for example looks to have been elongated and tapered to fit around a possible LED flash to help with low light photography, and there is also the appearance of a new ‘mystery hole’ in the lower left hand side of the case.

This Furtive hole in the alleged leaked iPod Touch 5 case brings in many new speculations regarding its self. This hole can be of a Microphone or Speaker. This furtive hole can be of anything that is unknown. However, the above present extended hole makes a clear sense of LED Flash Light. Apple might be planning in for a LED Flash Light in the upcoming iPod Touch 5 to take more clear pictures at night.

As noted by Macrumors, the case makers are inaccurate most of the time because they just make an imaginary design without and with the leaks. Most of the time, the case makers are inaccurate about the design they make. Mostly the designs are made after particular parts are leaked. In this case, the iPhone case leaks are somewhat accurate because they are made after the parts are leaked. In the matter of this iPod Touch 5, there has been no major leak of any part starting from body to hardware. We had only seen a front-panel of the iPod Touch 5 that surfaced back in May. Other wise we haven’t seen any major parts getting leaked for the iPod Touch 5.

We for sure want to see an iPod Touch with LED Flash integrated. Don’t we?

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