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Future iPad to be called iPad Mini, iPod Nano to Progress Cloud iTunes

Following the iPhone 5 launch sequence, Apple is expected to hold another Media Event at which it will announce iPad Mini, iPod Nano, and alleged iPod Touch 5. The rumors are pointing towards the iPad Mini launch because we have came across many alleged iPad Mini leaked parts before the official launch. The iPad Mini is considered to have a 7.85-inches LCD with the same carved iPad as it is done on the backside of the iPad and iPod’s. By doing this carved iPad sign at the back of the iPad Mini, it will add a new product line in the filed of iPad’s.

The new iPad Mini is believed to have the same rumored small dock connector as of the iPhone 5.


In addition to above stated rumors and leaks, the Japanese Blog Macotakara privileges to have some more information regarding the forthcoming iPad Mini. The Japanese Blog states that the iPad Mini would be called “iPad Mini” with a 7.85-inch display.

According to Asian source, the name of Apple’s new product, which are expected to have 7″85′ and called as iPad mini, will be named as “iPad mini” officially. This source expects that “iPad” logo will be printed on back of case same as “iPod” is printed on iPod nano and iPod touch, and it means one new product will be added on iPad’s product brand genre.

Moreover, the same blog privileges about the forthcoming iPod Nano that it might get an antenna on the side of it. The antenna would be of WIFI to enable iTunes in the Cloud.

Next iPod nano may equip Wi-Fi antenna on side of that case, and support iTunes Music Cloud in order Apple to provide a iconic product to promote the largest Music Store in the world.

The Wi-Fi access on the iPod Nano would allow a person to download songs, movies, and much more via iTunes when connected to any Wi-Fi service near by. This Wi-Fi service wouldn’t be bringing in any browsing support for the iPod Nano because it has a small screen. The iTunes in the Cloud feature seems more rational in iPod Nano because it will be easier to download Albums onto your iPod Nano with simple click.

After fulfilling the iPad Mini and iPod Nano rumors, Macotakra jumps back to the just leaked iPod Touch 5 case. The blog sticks with the unidentified hole that was spotted in the alleged case of the iPod Touch 5 by making some real time predictions. The Japanese Blog assumes if the hole at the back is for NFC Technology, then the iPod Touch 5 would be having NFC Technology Feature in it as well.

For the record, iPhone 5 will be featuring NFC Technology. We think the Apple will add this feature into iPod Touch 5 as well to beat out the competitors.

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