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Enable Passbook Without Jailbreaking On iOS 6

From the day one we haven’t seen the Passbook by our own hands as we just saw it on the WWDC 2012 and then we have been making a list of the beta’s to release so that we can have on which beta the passbook working but now you are off the hook of waiting because we have got a way to enable Passbook without jail-breaking the iOS 6 Beta.

So just start over

  • Go to Safari
  • Goto the following URL >
  • Start to make your Cards on the web
  • Create the cards
  • Goto the Passbook App and see all the cards which you created at the web

Don’t get your self in the happiness of using them as the iOS 6 in still in beta and the Passbook’s are not even officially braced to the public.




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