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How to Convert iPhone 4/4S into iPhone 5 Alleged Design (Video)

The time is passing by and we are getting near the confirmed Media Event planned for September 12 by Apple. Until now, no such official Media invites have been sent out to news reporters regarding any Media Event. Apple usually sends out Media invites few days before the event. This years Media Event by Apple would be bringing something new and amazing that would blow all of us. For sure, Apple is not going to bring in an iBomb that will blow us all off. Apple is going to unveil the long rumored iPhone 5 or The New iPhone at the upcoming Media event. We are so much aware of the fact that we sometimes dream about the upcoming iPhone 5. The mimics and rumors regarding the iPhone 5 are on fire these days. Every single day, we are listening to a new rumor or seeing an alleged leak regarding the iPhone 5. Even though we have seen, an alleged leaked iPhone 5 with a confirmed larger display of 4-inch. All the leaks regarding the iPhone 5 unibody, inner parts, and other would continue until the iPhone 5 has been released officially by Apple.

When the iPhone 5 comes out, it would be a bit costly and not every one could afford it. Therefore, today while surfing on the Internet, we came across this website that posted about this kit offering to convert your iPhone 4/4S into iPhone 5. We were shocked to see the mod that was shown on the web. We thought to share this piece of information with you.

The kit is called iPhone 5 Mod kit that transforms your iPhone 4/4S into the alleged back design of the iPhone 5. The same unibody design that has been leaked so many times in preceding months. The kit doesn’t stretch your iPhone 4/4S to the rumored design of 4-inch; it only allows you to have the same alleged unibody design as of the iPhone 5.


Above shown are the pictures of the iPhone 4/4S after the conversion to alleged iPhone 5 back. The quality of this conversion compared to the alleged iPhone 5 back would for sure differ because the material used in iPhone 5 alleged back is diff and in iPhone 4/4S, the material used at back is glass. Therefore, the quality seems to be very cheap or reasonable.

The conversion kit is priced at $29.99 with shipment and handling costs included in the price. The conversion kit can be shipped worldwide at the same price.

Before you proceed on to give it a glance, we have shared a video below that will give you a clear idea about the conversion kit mod.


After seeing the demo, if you want to order one for yourself, you can place an order from here. Before ordering one for yourself, do ask your self if you really want this kit.

We would never ever recommend you to go for this modification kit. If you want to do it for fun, then try at your own risk. Don’t forget to comment below your point of view about this conversion kit.

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