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How To Remove Autorun.inf Virus from Your PC (No Antivirus)

Viruses are the most important part of your life if you own a Windows PC. There are many kinds of different viruses present these days and are affecting the Windows PC from day to day. These days, Anti viruses are also on top. Every new company has launched their Antivirus at a different price, and they offer a trial version before you can purchase the product. The prices are high for some, and for some of the prices are low. Some of the anti-viruses work well on trial, and some are like that. It is very difficult to analyze about which antivirus to use these days.

The technology has advanced so much that we need to keep up to date with our security system so that we don’t encounter any sort of Viruses. Somehow, we get ruled by those viruses, and our Windows PC gets screwed. There are more than a million of viruses present today. The most famous virus present from the windows evolution is the Autorun.inf Virus. This is the sole virus which is present in every Windows PC regardless the fact that you have a great antivirus for the protection of your PC. This virus is one of the top-most virus presents in everyone’s Windows PC. This type of virus is strange virus and cannot be deleted manually. You will need an antivirus to delete it. There are many ways, which state that this can be deleted by showing the hidden files and then boot up in safe mode-login to delete the virus. Once I also encountered this virus on most important drive and I see this type of virus daily at my university when the lecturer is entering the U.S.B into the PC. The person opens his drive and some strange language document opens other than the drive.

This was really a strange thing for me. So I went on Google and searched about this Autorun.inf virus and found out many ways, videos, suggestions, and some antivirus suggestions. In my searching I found out this sole method which really worked for me and it is really easy to use. It requires no anti-virus to delete the Autorun.inf file. All you need to do is follow the 2 steps and the virus will be gone from your PC. Below are the steps for the removal of Autorun.inf virus.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:

You must know about CMD on your PC. These days, everyone should know about this CMD thing and how to operate it.

Open start>go to RUN> type in CMD.

A new command prompt window will be opened.

Step 2:

Now type in the drive where you got the Autorun.inf Virus. For example you got the virus in C or D or E (depends on the letter of the Drive you have).

Now navigate to that drive by entering the command

C: or D: or E:

Step 3:

Now type in

autorun.inf and press enter.

If you will have the autorun.inf virus file on your particular drive, a notepad file will be opened displaying the commands written in it.

Step 4:

Now close that document and now type in the following command in CMD.

attrib -s -h –r (There is a space between –s –h –r )

After this command, now enter

Del autorun.inf

Step 5:

Now restart your PC and the virus will be gone. To check if the virus is there or not, simply follow the step 1. If you get error like below, so you don’t have an Autorun.inf Virus any more on your PC.

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