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iOS 6 Beta 3 Coming 10 July, iOS Beta 2 Expires 31st July 2012

Like we predicted in past that the iOS 6 beta 2 will debut after two weeks of the first iOS 6 Beta 1 launch. The same thing happened. The second Beta of iOS 6 debuted today for Developers only. All the developers would be digging in the iOS 6 Beta to see for something new and on the same time we will be telling you about the expiry date of the second beta found by, @ih8sn0w, the developer behind the most famous Jailbreaking Tool called Sn0wbreeze. Whenever there is a release of any iOS Beta, he is the first one to tell about the expiry date of that beta.

According to him, this second iOS 6 Beta 2 will expire 31st July 2012 at 8pm (EST). This news was given by ih8snow on his official Twitter account stating:

This iOS 6 Beta 2 will be expiring on July the 31st, so we can expect the next iOS 6 beta 3 somewhere from next to next week.  The date we have assumed is 10th of July or 11th of July. The next iOS 6 Beta 3 will be coming somewhere within these dates. So mark up your calendar for the iOS 6 Beta 3 release and set up a reminder for your self to check back for iOS 6 Beta 3.

To save your time, you can download the iOS 6 Beta 2 from here or if you got your UDID registered, you can do OTA Update.

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