iPhone 4 Went on Flames in a Guy’s Pocket Caught on Camera (Live Video)

The tittle might sound like you are going to see some T.V Reality show. Unfortunately, this is not a T.V Show called Caught on Camera. This is something really strange happened with Henri Helmine’s, a 17-year old Teenager going to his job on this very fine day when he finds a smoke raising out of his pocket. When he sees the smoke out of his pocket, he realizes that the iPhone 4 resting in his pocket is on fire. He immediately throws out the iPhone 4 on the ground to avoid any major injury that could be done by that iPhone 4 on fire.

Amazingly this act was caught on a C.C.T.V placed on the near by store where Henry parked his car. You can see the C.C.T.V Footage below of the iPhone on fire live.

Live Video:

According to Henri, the iPhone was working well without any issues. He bought the iPhone 3-months back. The reason that Henri told about the iPhone going on fire must be due to the Battery. The battery might have got some issues due to which it made other parts go heat up causing fire.

This new trend has started in Apple iDevices. This is not the first time that you would be hearing about the iPhone gone on fire due to Battery issue or some issue. This might be the fifth or sixth time or more than this. In past Apple’s iDevices have gone on fire due to battery issues in the iDeivces and Apple took some action against those iDevices. Till now Apple hasn’t responded on this incident yet. We hope that Apple’s respective department should contact Henri regarding this incident and make their quality department more active. This issue is something to be taken care of.

Recently, following this trend of Phone on fire Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 went on fire from the backside of it after doing some sparks. You can read our detailed coverage here.

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