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iPhone 5 Kicked Rival Galaxy S III Out in First Real Drop Test (Video)

Today must be a lucky day for every one out there buying an iPhone 5. First we would like to congratulate to all those who bought the next Taller Thing today or got it delivered today at their doorstep. All of you who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 and it is on its way, until then, the geeks who bought an iPhone 5 to do a scratch, durability, and drop test did some homework for you people. Thee geeks have made a drop test video of the iPhone 5 compared with its rival, Samsung Galaxy S III showing a drop off from different respective heights.

The first iPhone 5 drop test was conducted by Android Authority who hated the iPhone 5 and loved Galaxy 3 before the test wasn’t conducted. After the test was conducted, the views about the iPhone 5 changed and the person conducting the drop test got shocked. He even had no words left to praise the iPhone 5 because iPhone 5 drop test just busted the ass of Galaxy S III. The Android fanatic at one moment took off his shades to see if he is seeing the results perfectly. This moment was the best moment of ours in the video.


Check the video below:

iPhone 5 Drop Test:

The real and best moment starts at 5:00 in the video, when the Fandroid guy just takes off his shades and his pitch goes a bit down for the Galaxy S III. It seems that it was a bit hard to tell the truth about the iPhone 5 drop test for a Fandroid. However, the Galaxy S III didn’t went very bad, it was also good, but not good as iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 got some scratches and dents on the body when dropped. On the other hand, Galaxy S III back cover was flipped and the screen were damaged.

The video above clearly shows about the iPhone 5 is durable enough from the back and front. This durability found in the iPhone 5 is much better than the Plastic Galaxy S III, even after dropping the iPhone 5 from the height of 6 Feet makes a dent on the sides. No damage was made to back or front.

In this first drop test of the iPhone 5 with Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 wins.

Now comes the turn of iFixyouri who took the iPhone 5 drop test at next level with 9to5mac. They conducted the same drop test of the iPhone 5 from different heights without its rival.


iPhone 5 Drop Test by iFixyouri:

The results were amazing of the iPhone 5 drop test by iFixyouri. The glass didn’t shattered until the guy smashed the iPhone 5 on the floor.

We are pleased from the iPhone 5 drop test and highly appreciate the decision of Apple to replace the back glass with the Aluminum back because in our daily life we put the iPhone 5 with different things. We keep the iPhone in our pocket with keys of the car or home; we keep the iPhone on computer table, or any place from where we can grab scratches at the back of it without knowing the condition of the place. This new Aluminum back of iPhone 5 would help to refrain scratches from occurring on the iPhone 5 back.


The iPhone 5 is the winner of the drop test in the both videos above and iPhone 5 beats Galaxy S III out. We liked the iPhone 5 drop test and we expect more incoming iPhone 5 drop tests in near future. We expect more worse iPhone 5 drop tests are lined up ahead.

For the time being, do let us know about your reviews on the iPhone 5 drop test.

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