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“You Know You Are Going To Get an iFhone 5” – iPhone 5 Parody

While browsing on the Internet, we came across this great humor video regarding the iPhone 5. The video is made by MondoMedia to showcase about the iPhone 5 in Steve Jobs way. They have made a beautiful RAP on the iPhone 5 that got unveiled on September 12. We all know that Steve Jobs legacy ended with iPhone 4S and we sawed him last at WWDC 11 when the unveiling of iOS 5 was done. Then on the iPhone 4S unveiling, we were not able to see him because of his bad health. Before all of this, he resigned as the C.E.O and made Tim Cook as the new C.E.O of Apple. Later on, Steve Jobs passed away the day after the iPhone 4S was unveiled.

Remembering the legacy of Steve Jobs that ended with iPhone 4S, MonoMedia made a great video starring Tim Cook who is about to announce the iFhone 5 and something strange happens.

What Strange thing happens? See the video below and you will come to know.

In the start of video, Tim Cook is praising Steve Jobs legacy and suddenly he ends Jobs legacy to start his own. Then the lights go off.


Above is an amazing iPhone 5 parody made until now with Steve Jobs Legacy remembered.

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