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Surveillance Video of Temecula Apple Store Robbery Unveiled

In the first week of September, right before the iPhone 5 announcement, Temecula Apple Store was robbed with the help of an SUV that came in shattering the front glass of the Apple Store. We reported about this Temecula Apple Store Robbery few weeks back. At that time, it was unclear about how the robbery took place and how the glass was shattered. It was assumed that the glass was broken with the help of a car or something a bit heavier to bypass the glass and aces the Temecula Apple Store instantly. The Temecula Apple Store was closed when the robbery took place.

Many iPad’s, iPod’s and iPhone’s were stolen after crashing into the Temecula Apple Store. This information of iDevices stolen comes from the surveillance video released earlier this week showing how the robbers broke into the Temecula Apple Store. The entrance of the robbers in the Temecula Apple Store is not as interesting as the exit of the robbers from the Temecula Apple Store. However, robbers used a BMW SUV to enter into the Temecula Apple Store by thrashing front glass after several tries.


As you can see in the above picture, the glass of the Temecula Apple Store is completely shattered and the front display is damaged.

To know the inside story, the surveillance video of the Temecula Apple Store Robbery got unveiled.

Temecula Apple Store Robbery Surveillance Video:

The video clearly shows the robbers coming in through with a SUV of BMW and they needed to hit twice before they could even get in the Temecula Apple Store. The glass and steel grating outside the Apple Store was so solid that the robbers needed to hit many times to break out.

Once they were in, they were having a hard time to get out from the Temecula Apple Store. Special thanks to the Steel Grating that made it a bit difficult for them to get out of the Temecula Apple Store.

While doing smash and grab, they lost the front number plate of the car on the robbery scene. This helped the police to solve the cases in just few hours. The police arrested the robbers with the help of that number plate fallen at the Temecula Apple Store.

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