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iPhone 5 Ousted Galaxy S III in Geekbench Results

The Tech Giant Company, Apple is on the roll these days. The highly anticipated iPhone 5 was unveiled last week on the Media Event held by Apple at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The pre-orders for the iPhone 5 started on September 14, the same day when Apple’s Spokeswoman announced that the iPhone 5 pre-orders have made a history. The spokeswoman never announced the figures of the pre-orders, she just stated about the massive pre-orders for the iPhone 5 that made pre-orders stock go out of stock in just few hours after the pre-orders started.

Soon after four days of pre-orders for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 appeared in the Geekbench Mark Result outscoring Samsung’s Galaxy S III by the figure of 41 points. This made another hype for the iPhone 5 before it goes on sale in rest of the world and even before the pre-orders are shipped. The Geekbench Mark is a website where the results of every thing starting from Laptops to Phones get listed in comparison with different versions and preceding versions.

However, it is notified by 9to5mac that the results of Geekbench are easy to fake. We cannot completely rely on the Geekbench results posted by different users until unless we test the device our selves. Recently, the iPhone 5 appeared in the Geekbench score sheet ousting Galaxy S III by the figure of 41 points. The iPhone 5 score in the Geekbench Score Sheet is 1601 that seems to be legit because it shows the same number of iPhone 5’s RAM that was confirmed previously. The iPhone 5 carries a 1GB of RAM and 1.02GHz (ARMv7) processor.

The score achieved by the iPhone 5 is more than the double of any A5 equipped devices. The devices can be any iPhone or iPad. The iPhone 5 score ranks above any of the high-tech Android Devices. As you can see in the results above, the Galaxy S III equipped with Quad-Core Processor fails to beat the iPhone 5 being with only Dual-Core.

We will not rely on this paper result of Geekbench score for the iPhone 5. We will wait for the real time score, when the iPhone 5 is available for public. Still the score for the iPhone 5 is unbelievable. The score of the iPhone 4S was 631. The score of the iPhone 5 is 1601. You can see a full comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 here.

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