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Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger Price, Features (Review)

The name Lifetrons might sound like it has something to with the field of medicine. It is some soft of drug that is being given to extremely sick people or people having different diseases. However, the story about Lifetrons is very different. Lifetrons are not any drugs or related to Medical Field; indeed Lifetrons is a Swiss based company that projects ultra-small, rich quality electronics and accessories for the people who are on the move every time. The list of people includes frequent travellers, businessman, and every one who comes in traveling category. The Swiss based company makes various kinds of products including chargers, speakers, cases, health products, and different kind of accessories.

Today, we are going to discuss about the Lifetrons Dual Power Charger on which we got hands on. Lifetrons Dual Power charger is the product of the Swiss based company that helps a person to charge his/her phone or smartphone at any place in the world without any external charging support. With the help of Lifetrons Dual Power Charger, the person can charge the phone on the go with this simple portable device.

 Lifetrons Dual Power Charger:

Lifetrons Dual Power Charger is the world’s smallest high tech portable charger with high capacity (5,200 mAh) of charging. It got a digital display that shows numeric letters portraying the level of charging of the Lifetrons Dual Power Charger. It also got a built in power saving technology that prevents the device from over charging. The charging of the portable charger stops when ever it is fully charged.

Lifetrons Dual Power Charger can charge any device to its full strength depending upon the time it takes for that particular device to get charged. The device can be any smart phone, mp3 player, or gaming console*.


Lets start with the Lifetrons Dual Power Charger specifications first.


  • Battery Capacity: Korean-made Lithium-ion, 5200mAh
  • USB output: 5V
  • Power supply: Recharge via USB port
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • LED indicator: Digital numerical display
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 93mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • Warranty: One-year international warranty


  • Provides up to 20 days of standby time on your mobile phones, 120 hours on your music player and 18 hours on your portable game consoles.

  • Recharge your portable device whenever and wherever need to.

  • Safety control protection: Over-voltage, over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating and short protection.

  • Compatible with most popular brands of portable devices such as: iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola and more.

What is in the Box?

The box of Lifetrons contains another box in the box in which you will find many things starting from Lifetrons Dual Power Charger, different charging cables of Phones, charger of Lifetrons Dual Power Charger, and a clean pouch of Grey Color at the end to carry Lifetrons Dual Power Charger with you easily.

  • Digital Multi-Power Charger (FG-1035)
  • Mini-USB charging cable
  • Interchangeable charging connectors (May vary depending on country)
  • Storage pouch
  • User Guide


Pricing and Availability:

The Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger is niche product; therefore, it is not easily available in the local markets. The products of Lifetrons are available in major Duty Free Shops, Luxury Shops, and in-flight on many major Airlines World Wide.

The Lifetrons Digital Display Dual Power Charger is priced at EUR 128.00.

Our Point of View Regarding Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger:

The member of the team of TechGlued has been using this charger from the preceding week to charge his gadgets. According to him, the charger is nice and good to use. The charging time for his gadgets was different as compared to wall charger. The charger was used mostly in the home to test the charging capacity. However, the charger is made for travelling purpose but can be used internally to charge different gadgets.

On using this Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger, the member of the team was able to charge his Galaxy S III up to 100% with Lifetrons Digital Dual Power charged at its full 99%. The Galaxy S III took the standard time of its charging assumingly 7-hours to 6 hours and got charged fully. The remaining battery of Lifetrons was somewhere between 9%-20%. With this level of remaining battery, he was able to charge another Phone of Nokia (1280) about half and then the battery went to 0% of Lieftrons and it was still charging.

When referred to the troubleshoot guide of the Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger about the 0% charging, it stated that the battery is about to die and put the device on charge.

Our Recommendations:

We would recommend this Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger for travelers not strongly, because the charger is a little bit difficult to handle in our pockets. The size of the charger is not bad, but the width of the charger is bit big that makes it very little difficult to handle in the pocket to charge the phone on the go.

The device can be carried very easily on the go, but charging on the go in the pocket would be a bit difficult.

The best thing about the Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger is that it can provide the ease of charging on the go without any hiccups. Over the entire product is good and worth enough to have one for your self.

Image Gallery:

Above is the complete image gallery of the Lifetrons Digital Dual Power Charger (Chrome Edition).

The Lifetrons company has more stuff waiting for you to be viewed from here.

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