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Post Mortem Examination Of a Brutally Raped MacBook Pro

The well-known giant tech company of Cupertino is selling around million of its Devices around the globe per month/day/year at different prices. Relatively the prices of Apple products vary from product to product. The minimum cost of Apple product is $99 that is of Apple TV 2G. After that comes the iPod category ranging from 149-299. Leading the iPod comes the number of Apple’s iPhone starting from 649-849. Before that comes the number of iPad series. One of the most famous Devices ever sold by Apple starting at $499.  After all the iDevices, now comes the number of Apple Computing Devices. Apple got variety of computing devices starting from $599-$2499. In this range we are covering all the series of Apple’s MAC. We are covering MAC Mini, iMac, MAC Book Air, MAC Book Pro, and MAC Pro.

Out of all these computing devices, MAC Pro and MAC Mini are PC’s where as the remaining MAC Book Pro and MAC Book Air are the Laptops that account for $999-$2399. On the other hand, if we see Apple competitors, we can get a better spec Laptop than these in 80% off the price. We assume that we can get a better laptop that is fully loaded for maximum $800 or $1000 of any niche company. Only the Apple laptops are expensive starting from $999 for just a basic machine. We can take the example of Retina MAC Book Air that launched recently in 2012. The starting price is $999 for the 11-inch model; core i5 version and no graphic card integrated other than Intel HD 4000. If we wish to have a fully loaded MAC Book Air, then we need to increase our budget.

So forth, a lame man would never opt to buy a laptop with this price tag excluding the name loyalty of Apple or the brand name loyalty. Only a brand loyal will go for this much price. Do remember that we are also excluding the specs of the machine.

Now a very strange question would arise in your mind that is it worth paying a $999 for the MAC Book Air or an $1199 for MAC Book Pro when we can get a better machine in 80% less than the price tag of Apple’s.

Many of you would differ here with each other or us that not really. It is not worth paying that much for a laptop only. If your decision is negative, then we would differ from your decision because we believe that the Apple’s Laptop are worth the price they charge. To prove the statement we got our hands on the MAC Book Pro that was damaged by falling from a seventh story building and amazingly the MAC Book Pro was still working.

This might sound strange that how can it work.

The MAC Book Pro late 2011 model was not functioning fully because the screen was damaged and a lot more happened with it. The MAC Book Pro’s keyboard Backlight was working and the damage that it got was horrible. When we took the MBP up, we got the screen in our hands and a fully damaged body with dents at several places of the MBP.

When we brought up the MBP to our workstation, we examined every single part of the MBP and found out that the damage was un-repairable, but the MBP never shattered into parts like those that other laptops do, if they fell down from the same height.

However, we got some snapshots of that MBP to show you its condition and the quality for which Apple charges so much money.

We will start up with the front part of the MBP that was damaged.

The Screen:

Every one knows that the most sensitive part of the laptop is of the screen. If we close the Laptop with power, the screen might be damaged or we can see several cracks in the screen.

In the case of this MBP, we found out that the material used in the screen is not an ordinary material because when picked up the MBP from the floor, we didn’t found any shattered pieces of glass on the floor. The screen was shattered and ripped a part from the body though.

Then we took out the screen in our hands and rubbed our hands on the shattered area to see if there any chances of getting our hand damaged or are there any chances that the hand could get damaged due to shattered glass.



Unbelievably, we could find any single piece of glass coming out from the display that we are holding in our hand. The glass was smooth.



The Left side of MAC Book Pro:

The damage caused on the left side of MAC Book Pro was to the Thunderbolt port and to the two USB Ports. Rest the charging port and Fire Power port were safe from the damage. Even the headphone Jack and the Card reader were safe from the damage.


Battery Indicator:

Amazingly, the battery indicator on the left side of the MAC Book Pro was also working fine. When we pressed it, it showed a beeping light pointing out towards no Battery.

The Right Side of MAC Book Pro:

We only got a DVD Rom on the right side of the MAC Book Pro. There fore the DVD ROM was sandwiched. The air ventilation place of MAC Book Pro was not damaged.


The Keyboard:

The keyboard on the MAC Book Pro was firm and only the DELETE key from the keyboard was screwed. Rest everything with the backlight of the keyboard was working great.

We couldn’t get an image of the backlight in action because the battery was dead and we refrained from putting it onto charge.


The Trackpad:

Amazingly, the trackpad of this damaged MBP was functioning perfectly. We were able to click the trackpad in normal way.

Bottom Area of MAC Book Pro:

The bottom area of MAC Book Pro was dented a bit. The lower part attached to the body was coming out because it lost two screws from the bottom.




Rest the bottom area was fitted perfectly.

We didn’t opened the bottom of MAC Book Pro yet to see what damages have been made into the inner parts, though we saw the processor was damaged and few mores things at bottom of the MAC Book Pro were damaged. We didn’t go into more detail because the above-mentioned damages were so like a nightmare for us.

We are planning on to charge the MAC Book Pro and turn it on to see how does it go. Moreover, we are going to open the back of that damaged MAC Book pro to see what things are safe and what things are screwed in the box. We are assuming that the hard disk, RAM, Battery, and few more things would be safe in the MAC Book Pro broken nut shell.

Therefore, after experiencing such a disaster we came to know about why Apple products prices are high as compared to other products. We are damn sure, if the product were not of Apple, the product would have blown away into small pieces leaving no evidence.


The conclusion of the story is that Apple products are not made of poor quality and are not disaster able. They are environment friendly and are recyclable even nothing is left in them.

We would like to know your views/comments/opinions regarding the Apple products.

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