Front Panel of iPhone 5 Surfaces with Firm Screen (Video)

Today an iPhone parts supplier ET Trade Supplier posted detailed hands on video of the iPhone 5 front panel screen in comparison with the existing iPhone 4S front panel screen. The size of the screen shown by ET Trade is the same as the long rumored screen size of the iPhone 5. The screen size is 4-inch. This screen size is not only rumored, but also came as a confirmation from different sources that the iPhone 5 would be getting 30% increment in the display. This 30% increment in the display for the upcoming iPhone 5 would be making several changes to the location of different components.

The components are the Face-Time Camera, Proximity Sensor, and Light Sensor Hole. The things that are repositioned in the following part of the iPhone 5 screen that surfaced today. ET Trade Supply has made a detailed video of comparison between the screen size of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S with different major changes that were spotted. The video is total of 7 minutes and explains everything in detail regarding the iPhone 5 front panel screen.

Now lets see what ET Trade Supply has got for us in the findings that they did. So here we start with the first change that they found out was:

  • Screen Size:

The screen size of the iPhone 5 is 4-inch and the size of the iPhone 4S is 3.5-inch. Over here the iPhone 5 glass lens in 90.25mm in height, 51.60mm in width, while the iPhone 4S glass lens in 76.65mm in length and 51.60mm in width. The important thing over here is the resolution ratio of the iPhone 5-glass lens is around 16:9 making a great change for the iPhone lineup.


  • Conduction:

The material used in the iPhone 5 display is noted to be same as of the iPhone 4S one. However, the iPhone 5 lens seems to be 0.1mm thinner than the iPhone 4S display.



  • Shifting of Parts in the upper area:

The front camera in the iPhone 5 lens has moved from left to right. The front camera in the display of the iPhone 5 has moved above the receiver making it more comfortable for people to take photos.

Moreover, the light sensor hole has moved to bottom left at the old place of front camera. This might be done to have a better photo from the front camera in the iPhone 5.


  • Home Button Re-sized:

The home button in the leaked part of the iPhone 5 seems to be conical by 0.3mm. Therefore, the iPhone 4S home button cannot be inserted in the iPhone 5.



  • The Area at the Bottom Gets Tapered:

The area at the bottom of iPhone 5 seems to be tapered by 2.60mm. The area of iPhone 4S is 18.00mm and for the iPhone 5 it is, 15.40mm.


  • Anti-Scratch Knack:

The leaked part of the iPhone 5 shows off with an awesome capability of anti-scratch as compared to the iPhone 4S lens. The lens of iPhone 5 is more scratch resistant the of the iPhone 4S. In the scratch test conducted above in the video showed that the iPhone 5 lens had no single scratch after being raped by keys, where as the iPhone 4S got scratches after it was raped by keys.

Below is the detailed Comparison Video.


This is not the first time to see the leaked parts of the iPhone 5 in wild. In past we have seen many leaks of the parts of the iPhone 5. Recently we showed you a video of an assembled iPhone 5 was leaked and the day before an iPhone 5 prototype landed in Bangkok before Cupertino. The only difference between those leaks and this leak is of the detailed comparison. ET Trader Supply has done the review of the iPhone 5 lens in detail with the comparison of the iPhone 4S.

The leak of the iPhone 5 doesn’t confirm that the iPhone 5 would be coming in the same shape or design. We believe that these are just the mockups based on rumors. We are about 6-weeks away from the iPhone 5 launch.


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