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iPhone 5 Codename iPhone 5,2 Leaked in the Server Log, Release Imminent

The news regarding the iPhone 5 is getting some Miami heat these days. Few minutes back, we reported about the leaked iPhone 5 Prototype by Neowin and now we are hearing about the iPhone 5 is in testing phase. Recently we got news that the code name iPhone 5,2 popped up in a Developers Server log. This popping of the codename makes us doubt that the iPhone release is just around the corner and Apple might have made one device prepared for internal testing.


Luckily, TechCrunch got their hands on the codename of the upcoming iPhone 5 with the code iPhone 5,2.

A few short days after rumors began swirling that Apple would hold this year’s fall event on Sept. 12, a reliable source just sent a screen grab of a next-gen iPhone popping up in his/her/its server logs.

The report claims that the iPhone 5,2 might be used for internal testing and it is unclear whether the iPhone 5,1 will go into production or the iPhone 5,2 or both will be going in to production. Till now we can only assume that the iPhone 5,2 is an internal test unit. Apple is only testing the iPhone 5,2 internally. We can also assume that the codename iPhone 5,2 could be of the CDMA version of the iPhone 5 or this might be some other build of the iPhone 5 most probably some carrier version of the iPhone 5. If we say about the carrier version, we can say that this can be the Verizon build of iPhone 5 (assuming). The iPhone 5,1 build might be of AT&T making it GSM build (assuming).

So far, the rumors are still rambling that the iPhone 5 will get an increment of 30% in the display making it a 4-inch screen and the headphone jack to be reallocated at the bottom. Moreover, the iPhone 5 will get an eight-pin charging port.

The confirmation that we have for the iPhone 5 features from reliable sources is that it will get NFC Technology, 4G LTE Radio, and a 4-inch Display. These things are coming in the iPhone 5 this September. There is also a rock firm confirmation regarding the Media Event of Apple for September 12 and rumored launch of September 21 for the iPhone 5.

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