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Neowin Get Hands on the iPhone 5 Prototype in Bangkok (Photos)

Since the news of the Media Event on September 12 got rock firm, we have seen an increase in the rumors regarding the iPhone 5. We were hearing a lot regarding the iPhone 5 from past few months and recently we sawed a video relating to an assembled iPhone 5. The video showed the same prototype of the iPhone 5 that was leaked back in May. Since then we have came across the same design of the iPhone 5 from different sources. In may we saw the renderings of iPhone 5, in June we saw different color versions in iPhone 5, in July we came across a video of the assembled iPhone 5 and now in August first week, we got hands on the iPhone 5 prototype.


The hands on iPhone 5 come from Neowin, a tech web claiming to own a finalized version of iPhone 5 prototype somewhere in Bangkok. The prototype Neowin got is said to be the finalized version of the upcoming iPhone 5. Thought the device is a non-functioning prototype. The pictures of the iPhone 5 non-functional prototypes were pointed out by 9to5mac via Neowin.


The website says that they got the hands on from their source at MBK, Bangkok.

The pictures seem to confirm what we saw in the video, and after reaching out to the source (who is an ex staff member from a long time ago) he confirmed that the iPhone is not a working device, but a “non functional replica prototype” and in his own words, “pretty accurate too.”


However, the images leaked by Neowin shows the same design and size of the iPhone 5 that we previously sawed in the video few days back and still we are seeing in the leaked pictures. This prototype of the iPhone 5 shows the same redesigned headphone Jack with eight-pin dock connector. We can also see the absence of the glass material that was used by Apple in their iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The back of this prototype is made of aluminum shell replacing the glass on the backside of it.


Moreover, the design of this leaked iPhone 5 looks a bit pathetic. It looks like Apple just ran out of design and had nothing to redesign. Therefore, they simply putted an aluminum shell at the back disappearing half part of the glass, as you can see from top to the bottom of the leaked prototype.

This is just the leaked prototype of the new iPhone 5 of which the authenticity is unknown and cannot be confirmed by any one till now, whether this is the final design or not. The thing we know so far is that the iPhone 5 hasn’t made its way into production. It will head over production by this month.

After it has been made, we will be seeing the iPhone 5 live on September 12. Do remember that this design can be fake.


What if the picture above is correct? What would be your reaction/comments/suggestions?

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