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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Maybe Coming on October 11

Following the iPhone 5 launch in early September, preceding this week Samsung sent out invitations for the event that will take place on October 11. It is highly anticipated that Samsung is planning to introduce a new member in the family of Galaxy series. The new member is expected to be Galaxy S3 Mini. The name might sound strange, but the expectations are made out of the invitation that was sent by Samsung in Germany. The invitation that rolled out in Germany carries a message saying, “how big small can be”, as noted by wired news.

The invitation sent out by Samsung clearly hints towards a small smartphone, probably of a 4-inch or less. The current Flagship of Samsung is its Galaxy S3 that carries a 4.8-inch screen. This time Apple also increased the size of the screen of the iPhone 5 from traditional 3.5-inch to 4-inch. We can expect Samsung to compete with Apple by launching a small screen sized smartphone. Most probably, Samsung would be releasing a Galaxy S3 Mini with a 4-inch screen to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5.

However, the most amazing thing in the above invitation is that the background carries a big S in the background that makes the doubt of a new Galaxy Member addition in the family more prominent. Samsung has always used S for the series of Galaxy.

As for now the specifications for the Galaxy S3 Mini are very hard to tell. The speculated specifications are dual core processor; 4-inch display, 5MP Camera, and the shape would be the same as of Galaxy S3. The OS would be 4.1 Jelly Bean pre-installed in Galaxy S3 Mini. The rumored screen display is 480×800 that is a very low resolution display.

As for now it is very early to say anything about the specifications or about the Galaxy S3 Mini. Nevertheless, Galaxy S3 Mini makes more sense than any new lineup of the Smartphone by Samsung because of the invitations teaser, “how big small can be”.

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