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Samsung Goes Anti iPhone 5 by making an Ad, “It Doesn’t Take a Genius”

The newly announced iPhone 5 that went on pre-orders this Friday has now being targeted by the one and only Korean company called Samsung. Samsung has targeted the iPhone 5 with a new advertisement today stating, “It doesn’t take a genius to choose The Next Big Thing”. In this statement, Samsung has targeted the Apple Store Genius Bar employees who help customers to choose the best Smart Phone in the market and they help people with the issues as well. The Korean company, Samsung has made a biased comparison sheet for their Galaxy Flagship called Galaxy S III. The comparison sheet has been made with the comparison of iPhone 5’s spec sheet.

The amazing thing about the spec sheet made by Samsung is that they have putted on every single thing that they introduced in the Galaxy S III starring specs and OS Features. Where as, they never inserted the iOS Features and inserted in only tech specs of the iPhone 5 that are not even complete. There are many things missing from the list. You can check the spec sheet made by Samsung Below for Galaxy S III comparison with the iPhone 5.

The best thing about the above spec sheet is that Samsung has inserted everything that they have provided with Galaxy S III. They have inserted the S-Voice, S-Beam, Direct call, and every feature that is not even comparable.

Therefore, we edited the list of iPhone 5 to do head to head comparison with Samsung Galaxy S III.

We have added some of the features in comparison to Galaxy S III that were missing from the list. After adding the feature, we now believe the comparison is now fair. Samsung added many OS features and missed out the iOS features. This was a good move played by Samsung to market their Galaxy S III Flagship.

What do you people about the above original comparison and our edited comparison. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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