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Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 – Images and Details

Last night Sony held a Media Event called PlayStation 2013 on which it was highly expected that Sony would be unveiling the successor of PlayStation 3 that is PlayStation 4. During the Media Event, Sony showed the name of PlayStation 4 on the screens, but never came up with a physical gaming console until the end of the event. The Japanese make did announced few features of the upcoming gaming console with few of the upcoming titles to be released with PlayStation 4, but again PlayStation 4 was not present on the Media Event. The event started at 6:00 PM EST and ended at 8:30PM EST.

In total, the event took full advantage of two hours and thirty minutes in which Sony only showed the game play on the GPU of PS 4, announced some innovative features for PS 4, demoed the controller of PS 4, and made every one asleep indirectly. Every one was hoping that they would see PlayStation 4 by Sony; unfortunately the dream stayed a dream. We can say that Sony consumed a lot of time to show off the tittles and features that were leaked prior to official launch.


At the start of the event, when the C.E.O of Sony took the stage to announce PlayStation 4, the Controller of PlayStation 4 was demoed to the audience first, then the features of the controller were demoed and then the show of tittle started with the demo of every new one coming to PlayStation 4 after its released.

Coming towards the announcement of the dual shock PlayStation 4 Controller, it was of the same design that was leaked months before official unveiling. It featured the same touch pad, sharing button, a speaker, and a MIC built into it. The images of the dual sock controller were leaked months before; therefore the real-time announcement of the dual shock controller didn’t surprise any one. Every one was aware of the design f the dual shock controller and features as well.



In addition to changes made to the controller for PlayStation 4, Sony also introduced a feature of Eye for PlayStation 4. The feature of Eye might sound new but it is old and has been used in PSP, PSP GO, and its predecessors. This Eye Camera might get some new functions for the PlayStation 4.


However, cooping up with the additional accessories for PlayStation 4, the technical details that emerged for PlayStation 4 were an AMD processor X66 Jaguar eight-core with 8GB RAM GDDR5 coupled with a new AMD Radeon graphics chip, a floppy disk and features a Blu-Ray/DVD drive whose capacity has not been provided (probably 32GB and 64GB depending on model).

What Happened to PlayStation 4 Console?

As we all know that Sony didn’t announced the hardware side of PlayStation 4 that is they didn’t showed the PlayStation 4 its self. Therefore, the question is that what happened to PlayStation 4. Why wasn’t it revealed?


The above image says it all. We don’t need to go into further more details for the PlayStation 4 Console absent at the event.

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