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PS 4 Alleged Release Date, Price, and Confirmed Cloud Service – Leaked

We are about an hour away from the unveiling of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the alleged price, release date, and confirmed PlayStation Cloud feature are leaked. The reports of PlayStation 4 release date and price comes from kotaku, whose reliable sources informed them about the details that one should know about the upcoming PlayStation 4. According to the sources of Kotaku, Sony is planning to release two new models of PS 4 this year at two different prices. The first Model will be priced at $429 and the second model would be priced at $529. The prices are not confirmed and may subject to a change at the time of unveiling later today.

The release date of PS 4 is planned for this years November. As of now, the exact date is not confirmed because Sony hasn’t said any words regarding the official launch. Everything is skeptical for now. However, a new information regarding PS 4 came flaying in claiming that PS 4 will get a new feature by which a user can control the console by a Smart Phone or a Tablet and the user can chat with friends, buy games, and do much more using the same Smart Phone or Tablet. The user won’t need to grab the remote controller or turn on the Console to do all these functions.

In order to make these functions work, Sony will be introducing a new service called PlayStation on which the users would require to sign up for the memberships accordingly. Moreover, it was rumored that Sony might be coming up with a new service called PlayStation Cloud that will help in availing such features on PlayStation 4. As of now, we can confirm the arrival of PlayStation Cloud for PS 4 by seeing the domain record of PlayStation Cloud. At some places, the domain name is said to be PlayStation-Cloud.Com that was registered preceding Friday by Gaikai.


Where as the name that we found was that seems to be the official name of the upcoming service by Sony EU, as the name records point towards official Sony EU.


We are still skeptical about the domain name of PlayStation Cloud service because sources are putting more weight on the domain name PlayStation-Cloud that was registered by Gaikai this preceding Friday, where as the domain name we spotted (PlayStationCloud.Com) was registered back in 2009 by Sony EU.

The confusion of PlayStation Cloud would end in just few minutes and all speculations would come in front of us as true or false. All we need to do is just wait for the right time to see the live event of PlayStation 2013 Here.

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