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The New iPad Gets Approval for Sale in China from Regulatory

China is the world’s largest maker of Apple’s Product. It makes 100% of Apple products and sells around the globe; on the other hand, it also produces 60% of Apple (Fruit) in the world. China is well-known for their production of different things. Recently, the Chinese quality control approved the New iPad bearing model number A1416 for sale in China.

China is no doubt a major market for Apple’s New iPad. People in China are so crazy about Apple products that some dealers had started to smuggle New iPad’s in China over the border for Grey Market. In our previous report, we told you about more than 200,000 New iPad’s were smuggled into China for sale in grey Market. How ever, the official sale of the New iPad is said to be only of WIFI Models, whereas the 4G+WIFI models need approval from the Chinese Quality Control to start the sale in China. The 4G models might be available in Grey Market at a high price. Once the iPad is launched officially in China, the prices at the grey market might fall.

Until now, no date has been announced for the authorized sale of the New iPad in China. Stay in touch with us to hear about the formal launch date/news from us.

via macrumors

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