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Harry Potter is the first Magical Novel to Arrive on E-Books

Harry Potter is one of the most famous novels made by J.K Rowling. Everyone must be aware of the name and story of Harry Potter with all of its seven editions. The stories started from an orphan kid called Harry Potter, who was living with ordinary people in a simple world, who at the age of eleven came to know that he is a wizard. Then with the passage of time, he somehow makes it to the Wizard School called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, where he learns all about his mysterious powers and how to use them.  Like this, the story continuous in the small mystical world, where he meets some new friends and faces his enemy, Voldemort.

Like this, the story continued until seven novels. At the end, Harry Potter kills Voldemort and wins the battle. All series of a wonderful novel made a modern record of the first ever best selling books on its every release of unused edition. After making all of these phenomenal records, J.K Rowling released E-book’s series for her best selling Harry Potter Books. The E-Books came into being after five years since the final edition was published.


The seven editions of harry Potter are available to purchase from the author’s website at a cost of $57.54 for all the editions. The novel is said to be purchased once, and you will be able to re download it for your life time for free. Once the book is downloaded from the website, you can run it on any Device, which supports .ePub format. It is also compatible with Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and all that supports this format.

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