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Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Androids are some of the finest smartphones in the world today, however all Android users face the same problem every now and again, their phones become slow. Sometimes, your phone may become so slow you will think as if it is time to replace the poor souls. But that is not the case! Androids really are great, because here are 5 tips and tweaks for your androids to make sure your smartphone stays in shape all throughout its life.

Clear App Cache

After prolonged use, your applications leave a lot of cache on your phone which can eat up a lot of your system’s memory, leaving it to be more sluggish and slow than you would expect it to be. A quick way to clear these app cache is by going into the settings, touching the applications button, and then touching whichever app you want and then finally touching the ‘clear cache’ option. Of course, you will have to do this individually for every applications. If you have a lot of applications, you may consider to get an all-in-one cleaner such as ‘App Cache Cleaner’ to do the job.

Get a new Launcher

Launchers are the platform which control the main visual aspect of your phone including its home screen, dock and motion. Every phone has one, but while some stock launchers may be simple and fluid, others can really slow down your phone after some use. Luckily, androids allow users to install different launchers. Some make your phone look fancy while others will really boost up your phones over-all performance. We recommend ‘Apex Launcher’ because of its combined swiftness and beauty.

Remove unnecessary Junk

The more shortcuts, bookmarks, widgets and live wallpapers you keep, the more of your phone’s RAM they will consume. That’s right, those flashy features are actually eating away at your speed and battery! Some consume relatively less, while others are complete RAM hoarders. That’s why, we suggest you keep only the ones you need and discard the rest for a smoother, faster phone.

Uninstall Apps

You may not realize it at first, but the applications you download use a lot of your phone’s memory, even when you are not using them! In fact, even if you have not opened a particular application in weeks, chances are it is still eating bits of you RAM, including the applications that came pre-loaded on your phone. In order to stop this from happening, you should uninstall the applications your rarely use. If your phone is rooted, you can even get any app that deletes built-in apps to save even more memory.

Install Greenify

Greenify is a special application that helps speed up your phone so much you’ll think it was brand new! Instead of killing applications that only serve as a temporary solution, Greenify hibernates apps. What this means is that it technically pauses your application so that they are only active when you have them opened and do not do anything when they are closed. This prevents apps from using up the phones memory all without having you remove or permanently freeze any app.

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