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Why Apple’s iPhone Gets leaked Prior to Announcement? (Our Pick)

We are living in a strange world, where rumors and leaks arrive faster than the product its self. Before the product is planned or even thought on, we start to see bunch of rumors regarding the product. This is amazing. These types of things only happen in the world of Technology, where rumors and leaks arrive faster than the final product its self. To be more specific, this only happens in the world of Apple, where every single product is unveiled before the final product is even planned or sent into production. We see many rendered concept designs for the upcoming product about which we don’t know. We start to predict the upcoming product, its features, its design, and everything one can do.

Our sources are limited to an extent; else, one would be willing to unveil the fully assembled product prior to launch. Somehow, some sources are not limited; therefore, they release the prototype of the final product before it is sent into production to create a new hype about that product. Same thing is being done with Apple. Before Apple plans for the product launch, the rumors take a start about eight months before the final product is unveiled. When the product launch is near, we come across many alleged leaked designs of the upcoming product.

The best example is of the iPhone 5. The rumors started back in April and ended on September 12, when the iPhone 5 was unveiled. Before this in May, we started to see many alleged leaked prototypes of the iPhone 5. The leaks continued until the iPhone 5 wasn’t unveiled.

If we talk about any other company other than Apple, we cannot name any other company that is following the same practice of leaking designs. There are some companies that are targeted with numerous rumors, but we never see the final product until the day before the product is going to be announced.

Did you ever wonder about why only Apple products are leaked prior to official announcement? Not all of the products are leaked, the one and only iPhone is leaked.

If you never gave a thought in this matter, no need to worry. We have got it covered for you.

Lets recall the iPhone 2G launch, when we never existed and were not much into Apple and Apple was not even that much popular than it is now. The time when Apple planned to launch an iPhone 2G, the first ever Smart Phone made by Apple. We never existed, but we for sure know that none of the leaks surfaced the Internet regarding the iPhone 2G.

After the launch of iPhone 2G, when Apple was planning to update the iPhone series to 3G, few prototypes were leaked with a small design suggesting a Mini iPhone. However, Apple announced the iPhone 3G.

Later on, Apple unveiled the iPhone 3GS in the Media Invite by showing a slimmer model of iPhone as compared to the iPhone 3G. At that time, no solid leaks were made.

At the time of iPhone 4, the Apple designer dropped the iPhone 4 at some bar. Due to which they had to make the iPhone 4 release imminent. The designer might be drunken enough that he lost his senses and lost the iPhone 4 in the bar. Luckily, some one got hands on to that iPhone 4 and sold the iPhone 4 to Gizmodo for some thousand dollars. When the iPhone 4 surfaced the Internet, every one was amazed to see the new design.


Then at the time of iPhone 4S launch, we didn’t come across any solid leaks regarding the design or any prototypes. We only came across the metal band of the iPhone 4S that looked similar to the iPhone 4. People thought it is alleged and every one took that news as a rumor. Later on, the iPhone 4S was launched with the same leaked metal frame.


After the iPhone 4S launched, people started to murmur about the iPhone 5. Then in April 2012, the leaks started to surface the Internet regarding iPhone 5. Then later in the month of May, we started to see the leaked iPhone 5 prototypes from different sources. The leaks continue until September. Then on September 12, the iPhone 5 was unveiled.


Why the iPhone 5 was leaked prior to launch, where as preceding models were not?

At the time of iPhone 5 launch, Tim Cook is the C.E.O of Apple, where as Steve Jobs was the C.E.O of Apple until the iPhone 4S wasn’t launched. Even before the iPhone 4S was announced, Jobs resigned as the C.E.O of Apple and made Tim Cook as the new C.E.O of Apple.

Tim Cook, before coming the C.E.O of Apple, Served several years as C.O.O of Apple and he is the in charge of Apple’s supply chain. He is the one who changed the supply chain of Apple and closed down many factories to benefit Apple. Now, Tim Cook since the Supply Chain head at Apple has the responsibility to look after every thing starting from production until delivery of the product. He needs to make sure about the things are happening at the right time.

At this pint, the main conflict occurs. At this point, one can realize that it is the trick or some sort of marketing activity of Apple to leak the iPhone prior to launch or the supply chain of Apple is doing all the leaks.

As we know that Apple sends iPhone parts to its Foxconn factory in China for the final touch and the leaks are always done from China.

According to us, the leak of the iPhone prior to launch is some sort of marketing activity done by Apple. We thought on this process of marketing activity and concluded that Apple might needs to see the response of the customers on the behalf of their upcoming product. The response can be negative or positive. Before launching an innovative design of the iPhone, Apple might leak the iPhone prototype in wild, so the fans could see the new design and response to it or the fans could adopt the new change that Apple is making. The best example is of the iPhone 5.

Apple wanted to increase the screen size of the iPhone from traditional 3.5-inch to revolutionary 4-inch. They were doing this for the first in four years. Therefore, Apple needed to see the reaction of Apple on the larger display with the same width of the iPhone 4S. That’s why the iPhone 5 is leaked exactly four months prior to final announcement in the form of alleged design dummy. That alleged design prototype of the iPhone 5 disappointed many of the fans out there, but indeed created a great hype for the iPhone 5 and made the iPhone 5 a hot topic among people. Every one was discussing about the iPhone 5.

However, many of the people didn’t believed the iPhone 5 shape until they saw the same design of the iPhone 5 got unveiled on September 12.

To conclude the topic, we will call the leaks of the iPhone as a planned or targeted leak for the Apple fans because Apple needs to create hype in the market about the product unofficially before it is released. That’s why we see the iPhone models get leak often prior to the official launch.

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