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Zong Inaugurates “TimePey”– Live Event Covered

The team of TechGlued is present at Expo Center Karachi to cover the live event of the leading Carrier of Pakistan called Zong. Today Zong send out invites to show us something great and innovative. After waiting a while for the unnamed announcement to arrive, final the waiting moments are now over.

Zong has announced a new money transfer System Called, “TimePey.”

9:01 PM: Head of Askari is on stage

9:02 PM: The head of Askari Bank Pakistan is thanking to the Head of Statebank of Pakista for helping them out with the leading project of TimePey

9:06 PM: State Bank Governer is on the stage.

9:07 PM: telling about the history of finance.

9:10 PM: more than some percent of population in this country has no access to banks.

9:11 PM: both of the companies are new in this field with Askari Bank.

9:12 Pm: Branclhess baking will decrease the cost of banking.

9:13 PM: if the number of merchants increased, the banking sector would be reduced and reach of latest technology would be made to further areas.

9: 14 PM: Congratulates to ZONG and ASKARI Bank

9:15 PM: TVC of Zong on the line

9:19 PM: TVC Finished of Time Pey

9:20 PM: #Meera, #Qawi Khan, #Shabbir Jan, #Shakeel Siddiqui and #afsar on stage. CEO of Zong,

9:29 PM: Head Of Askari Bank is Breifing the media about #timepey

9:33 PM: Zong CEO is answering media questions

9:36 PM: Photo Session at Zong Press Conference.

A Panorama Shot by Our Staff:



10:01 PM: Break time and the event ended. Have a nice day & night.

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