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A 12 Year Old UAE Girl Kidnaps Herself for an iPad in Ransom

A 12 Year Old UAE Girl Kidnaps Herself for an iPad in Ransom from her father. Can you believe this?

The demand for Apple products is rising day by day. No wonder why people want to have one, even if they cannot afford one unit. The amazing thing is that they find different ways/methods by which they can get an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or MAC Book of Apple. In past we have shown/reported about people selling their kidneys, virginity, and kisses for heavy bucks to get an iPhone or an iPad. At first sight, we thought that these people are crazy; they are out of their mind. But, this 12-year-old kid topped the list of craziness to have an iPad for her self.

This 12-year-old kid, who belongs to U.A.E didn’t do anything from the above-mentioned list; indeed she just took the level of craziness to a whole new level. The level at which we could never imagine of going or of which we cannot even think of doing at the age of 12 or in our adult stage. In other words, we can say that we cannot think of doing this in our immaturity stage or maturity stage. We don’t know from where did she have this idea, but it was the most shocking idea that we have ever heard in history of getting an Apple product the other way.

uae girl kidnaps herself for an ipad in ransom

This 12-year-old girl of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E called his father and said that she has been kidnapped. In return the captors of her are asking for an iPad. At first her father thought this is a joke, but when he continuously tried to call her on the cellphone, it was turned off. After seeing this, her father immediately reported this mater to the police.

“I tried her number but she was out of range. She later called and told me she had been kidnapped and her abductors would set her free only if I got them an iPad. I informed the police who saw through her gameplan.’’

In an investigation by the Director of the City police station, Lt-Colonel Saeed Hamad Abdullah Al Amri said:

“On investigating, the policemen managed to locate the child at a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi.”

The game plan of the 12-year-old girl was to get an iPad from her father as a ransom because she couldn’t insist her father on getting an iPad for her. Therefore, she did a fake kidnapping game and got caught after the matter went in the hands of police.


What happened next? “GAME OVER.”

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