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Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in Pakistan 2013 With Release Date – Disclosed

An anonymous source confirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in Pakistan 2013 With Release Date.

The world is waiting for the arrival of Samsung’s next Galaxy S Flagship called Samsung Galaxy S4. Few weeks back Samsung unveiled its next flagship of Galaxy S series in New York at Times Square. After the jaw dropping unveiling of Galaxy S4 by the Korean company, the exact date of arrival was hidden from the public. The arrival of Galaxy S4 is to be done at the end of April that is in the last week of April. No specific date or day was announced by Samsung because they wanted to keep the release as a surprise like Sony did for the PS 4.

Sony announced the features of the console, but kept PS 4 and the official release date as a secret. Indeed, the company hinted the release of PS 4 to be done in holidays, where as Samsung said the release of Galaxy S4 would be made by the end of April. The reason for hiding the date of Samsung Galaxy S4 by the Korean company is not known. All we can expect is that Samsung is planning to create hype by not announcing the release date to compete Apple or they want the users to stay eager about the release date until unless it’s not announced.

The other reason can be that Samsung doesn’t wants to get out of stock on the release day like Apple goes out of Stock, indeed Samsung is planning for a heavy stock and a safety stock of its Galaxy S4. On the release day, Samsung would be able to meet the consumer demand and would be able to sell millions of Galaxy S4 units on the initial release day. As we all know that the competition among the tech giants is high these days, so every one wants to take over each other in it.

However, we are not here to discuss about the competition, we are here to discuss about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Pakistan. In the second week of March, after the unveiling of Galaxy S4 by Samsung in New York at Times Square, our sources reported about the arrival of Galaxy S4 in Pakistan at an introductory cost of 125,000PKR (1,274 USD). The arrival date of Galaxy S4 was told to be March 17 2013 that never came to light. Then we contacted second source of ours who claimed the release of Galaxy S4 in Pakistan to be done on April 14 2013 that is the second week of April.

Like before, this time we are not putting our faith in this release date because it is skeptical, but the source was confident on April 14 release date across Pakistan. We cannot say anything officially because the official release date of Galaxy S4 is yet to be announced by Samsung around the globe, but Smart Phones like iPhone, Galaxy S series, and others do release in Pakistan prior to official release around the globe.

Later today, Samsung Pakistan on its official Facebook Page shared the image of Samsung Galaxy S4 with a teaser saying, “It’s Coming.. The Next Big Thing.”


This sudden teaser of Samsung Galaxy S4 by Samsung Pakistan hints towards an official arrival of the smart phone some time sooner than we think. Samsung Pakistan didn’t announce or teased the release date of Galaxy S4 yet. This teaser of Galaxy S4 on the Facebook page is enough to believe that the arrival is near.

As far as Samsung Galaxy S4 price in Pakistan 2013 is concerned, the alleged cost would be around 125,000PKR (highest) upon arrival and 90,000PKR (minimum) on arrival. These are the estimated costs and not the real costs. The actual cost of Galaxy S4 would be different from these costs. We have told you about the estimated costs by analyzing the past trend of Galaxy S3 costs. The price of Galaxy S4 would be higher because it is packed with tons of new features that beat the mick out of the iPhone 5.

Before Samsung Galaxy S4 releases in Pakistan, we would like you to see the details of Galaxy S4 that is going to release in Pakistan. The details of Galaxy S4 are present here country wise.

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