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Bluetooth Tweak AirBlue Sharing Updated for iOS 6 – Download

In preceding WWDC 12, Apple announced the most advanced iOS called iOS 6 in the entire history with the support of Bluetooth missing in it as well. The support for Bluetooth in iDevices has been missing since they were launched. We haven’t heard in our entire life that Apple has included the support of Bluetooth in their iOS x.x.x to make it work with other Devices other than iPhone/iPod/iPad. Somehow, in iOS 6 Apple showed an icon of Bluetooth Sharing that is of no use. It might be made for fun or to fool people around that they are working on the ability to make Bluetooth compatible.

The latent demand of Bluetooth in iPhone/iPod/iPad was fulfilled by a team of iOS Cydia Tweak Developers called Cocoanut, who announced the first Bluetooth Tweak that used to work on iPhone/iPod/iPad running iOS 4.3+. Following the footsteps of Cocoanuts, Eric Day with his team members announced a new teak called AirBlue Sharing. This tweak was an alternative to Celeste, the Bluetooth Sharing Tweak that actually worked on iOS 5. This Tweak of AirBlue Sharing is 50% less than the price of Celeste that hasn’t been updated since long due to some unknown factors.

However, later today the Tweak of AirBlue Sharing was updated with the tremendous support of iOS 6.x.x. This means the Bluetooth Tweak AirBlue Sharing is fully compatible with iOS 6 running on iPhone/iPod/iPad.




As of now, AirBlue Sharing is the sole Jailbreak Tweak that allows you to use the functionality of using Bluetooth at full. In past, it was Celeste and now it is AirBlue Sharing.  For the time being AirBlue Sharing would be playing Monopoly in Cydia Market because it was updated with the support of iOS 6 and Celeste isn’t updated for further support.

Following are the functions of this awesome Tweak with the updated version:

  • For operation of AirBlue Sharing does not require any configuration;
  • The connection between the two devices is automatic;
  • Bluetooth is deactivated automatically after finishing the send operation;
  • The transfer rate reaches (under optimal conditions) 1.7MB / s;
  • In addition to Bluetooth, the transmission of data between devices is also possible via WiFi network (faster);
  • With AirBlue Sharing is also possible to create a WiFi hotspot when it is not available (only for iOS);
  • The tweak allows you to send photos, videos, music, contacts, notes, voice memos and even more;
  • Received files can be opened in applications compatible clicking on “Open in …”;
  • The images received or contacts can be imported directly into applications Pictures and Contacts;
  • Alternatively, the received files can also be imported into applications that support it (“Open in …”);
  • Tweak supports sending and receiving files simultaneously;
  • Notifications are required and sound effects to alert the user of the status of the transaction;
  • The tweak is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, Android and all other terminals with Bluetooth connectivity.

Other than these functions, the Tweak is fully optimized for the iPhone 5, so people can take full advantage of a bigger screen while sending and receiving files from peers or computers.

You can download AirBlue Sharing from Cydia Store for $4.99 that is 50% less than the cost of Celeste Bluetooth sharing. In order to accomplish the goal of downloading, you need to be Jailbroken on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and to do that you need to follow our guide present here.

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