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Alleged One HTC/ HTC M7 Images Leaked Imitating iPhone 5 Design

Moving high on the heels, HTC a smart phone manufacturer that vanished from the market these days is coming back with a new smart phone called ONE HTC or HTC M7. The name of the upcoming smart phone is not yet confirmed, but the alleged images leaked of the upcoming smart phone and sources suggest the name HTC M7, where as some suggests the name ONE HTC. At this moment, to know the name of the upcoming smart phone is not necessary because the release of the smart phone by HTC is not far.

However, the leaked images of ONE HTC or HTC M7 clearly suggest the imitation of the iPhone 5 design and color. The alleged images of ONE HTC or HTC M7 are not leaking the first time, they were leaked in past as well showing the same color and design of the smart phone as it is shown in the images below.


The leaked image of ONE HTC or HTC M7 by evleaks clearly reminds us about the iPhone 5 because the design is slightly different than the iPhone 5. At this moment, we cannot confirm the authenticity of the images, nor we can say that the images are of ONE HTC or HTC M7 for sure. It is too early to say anything about the upcoming smart phone by HTC. Although, we shouldn’t be making predictions for this emerging smart phone by HTC because the release date of the smart phone is scheduled for 19 February 2013 that is this Tuesday.

Before everything gets unveils this Tuesday, we have some specifications for ONE HTC or HTC M7 that are semi-confirmed. The specifications of ONE HTC or HTC M7 are a screen size of 4.7-inch with 1920X1080 resolution, Android OS 4.1.2, a processor four-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.7Ghz with 2GB of RAM, a digital camera revolution of 13Mpx coupled with a front camera and a 2Mpx 2300mAh battery. The price of this ONE HTC or HTC M7 would be around $200-$300 on contract basis.

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