Why Android is better than iOS?

Although Apple is about to release their iOS 7, one cannot help but wonder, why bother? Android is miles ahead of its competition already. Many of the new features that iOS7 will bring have been staples of Android for quite some time now. However, some people are still unconvinced, therefore, we’re here to prove once and for all that Android is the better OS.

Android iOS Comparison:



When unlocking any iDevice, even ones running on iOS 7, you will get nothing but a long list of icons of all the apps you downloaded. However, with Android, not only do you get multiple customizable home screens, you also get the option to modify their look, feel and functionality your choice of widgets.

By setting up widgets on your home screen, you can save yourself precious time by having your most accessed information available to you. These widgets auto update and the newer android versions (4.2+) allow lock screen widgets so you can get all-important information at a glance.

Screen size:


The superior android OS allows for numerous different screen sizes. Since Android phones come in all shapes and sizes, it is very easy to find one that fits your needs. However, with an iPhone, you are stuck with the same type of screen size.

In fact, High-end Android phones are increasingly coming out with larger and larger screens, making the iPhone smaller and insignificant. Not only does this help high-end markets, but also for people wanting to buy a budget phone, this is the perfect option as the smaller android phones cost significantly less than iPhone’s.

Custom Launchers:

Custom Launches

Android allow you to take customization a step further by allowing you to change launchers. Launchers control everything from the app drawer to the icon styles to the animation that occurs when you move between screens.

There are dozens of popular launchers, ranging from Go and Apex launchers to the speedy, lightning launcher. With iOS however, you have only one way to navigate through the home screens and just one look for the default icons.

Cross-app Integration:

This is a key area where Android and iPhone differ. Cross-app integration is the ability for one app to share information with another. For example, if you had to login using Facebook on a game app, instead of manually doing it, the game can extract the data from your Facebook app, with all you doing is giving permission.

This Cross-app integration also allows you to use any app as the system default for that app type in case you want to replace an existing app. For example, you could download a different SMS and keyboard application and make it default, so that you’ll never have to see the stock SMS app or keyboard again. This is something Android users are used to but will be a welcome feature for those switching from iOS to android.

Well, there you have it; Android has many superior abilities that help with appearance, functionality and plain preference. The OS is quite modern and has more features than iOS can provide.

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